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This winter took a toll on my skin.

Well, up until now. I've always had combination skin, but the oiliness always overpowered the dryness. The end of 2015 it felt like my skin was out to get me. My once oily t-zone had suddenly turned into the Sahara desert and no moisturizer or exfoliant did my skin any justice. I had no clue why my skin was acting up and then I realized, it had to be the weather. I tried everything, literally and then suddenly one day my skin reverted back to normal. I stuck to using all natural products including coconut oil and apple cider and vitamin E oil.
Although, I spent a good two weeks with the driest face on the planet -- I later realized that winter might of actually helped my skincare routine. If it wasn't for the cold, dry weather I probably wouldn't have tried out different options for my skin in hopes of finding what actually worked for me. I also must admit, as much as I despised how dry my skin was -- I preferred it much more as opposed to how oily my face usually is. The best part about the cool weather is that I don't have to question whether my makeup will stay in place or not. I guess the winter season comes with a handle of pros and cons when it comes to your beauty and skincare regime, but at the end of the day -- it's all about finding out what works for you and putting it to use.
If you also find yourself suffering from dry skin this winter, keep scrolling to see a few tips that might just revive your skin in the video below.

My Winter Skincare Routine:

Morning Steps:
- wash with gentle cleanser using my cleansing brush from Sephora
- splash with cold water to close pores
-use a white washcloth to pat dry
- tone face with witch hazel and rose water
- apply Cetaphil moisturizer
- apply Smashbox face primer
Night Steps:
- use a makeup wipe to remove makeup
- take a cotton pad to apply micellar water to face to remove any excess makeup
- repeat steps one through four [seen above]
- apply Vitamin E oil to face -- especially the forehead and underneath eyes
- add black castor oil to eyebrows

Do you have a specific skincare routine for the winter?

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what brand is the apricot toner? I think I need to invest @primodiva93
great tip! I heard grapefruit was drying. I will keep those in mind for the summertime when my skin is super oily. thanks @humairaa
The brand is called Elimis. They should sell it at Nordstrom. I've got mine from school.
thank you!!! I'm going to check it out @primodiva93
No problem 馃榿