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OMG! yes I know another chapter! yet it's short but intense here you go girls!!! thank you once again for reading this series and my other cards too I love you all!!!! Enjoy Reading! and please don't kill me ㅋㅋㅋ wanna read from the start ? links down below! - Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 - - Part 6 -
You turn around and see Kai’s Face, when he grabbed your hand you start to cry and push his hand away from yours he looks at you and says “why?” “Don’t you love me?” his eyes start to get watery. Y: “ bullshit there’s No love between you and me” You keep walking toward, he looks at you and keeps walking behind you. Y: “Stop following, how I wished you would of died on that car accident” You keep walking and he keeps following he runs up to you and grabs your stilettos.
K: “Queens don’t walk barefoot on a concrete Street in the middle of the night don’t you think so?” Y: “Fuck You, go Fuck yourself” ”those words hurt like a knife”. No words could comfort you, you lead your fingers to your ear to turn off the earpiece but you had lost it.
K: “you know every day a small piece of you dies, it’s Like if I don’t Know you and that hurts me too I’m Trying my best to protect you! “ Y: “ B U L L S H I T”, “trying to kill me because I betrayed you on what tell me??, huh tell me fucking talk” K: “Your lips belong to me, and your hands too, all of you belongs to me? I saw when that asshole kissed you and how you tied his fucking tie”
You sarcastically laugh, K: “Why the Fuck are you laughing? Its not even funny..” Y: “ yes it is..” You stop walking and face him Y: “ why don’t you fucking kill me then if it’s Bothering you?” K: “I just said why..” Y: “And I said bullshit, and it will keep being the same shit every fucking day I’m getting sick of it already!” K: “I could kill you but I don’t Have a gun or knife I Lost them” “I love you OK?” “Trust no one only me please, I beg you” You sadly look at him, and point the gun to his head.
You smirk and say Y: “Trust no one that’s What I’ll do, trust no one” K: “put the gun down, babe, really?” Tears fall from his eyes onto his cheeks, Y: “Betrayal, you shot the first bullet, you said to Fuck off, and almost killed me again?” tears start to fall.
Kai started to walk towards you saying “Kill me then” “But I’ll assure you that tomorrow I won’t Have any record of you and all the things we’ve Been through together up to this moment” He raises his hands while getting closer to you, “do it”
You start too sob not knowing what to do, he gets in front of You and says again “Do it” You slowly put your forehead On his chest the smell if his comforted you a little but the bitterness of being betrayed still lingered. You said “sorry I can’t, be “
You slowly look into his eyes, while your eyes met with his hand he caresses your cheeks and wipes your tears away from your cheeks. K: “Cant be, what?”
You put your finger on the trigger, an echoed shot runned through the streets, while dogs barked, and a body falling on the ground, blood dripping down the concrete floor. “ can’t “
“ you dive into the future, But you’re blinded by the sun, Like many stories I’ve heard from somewhere, The world in which I’ve Met you The tears you’ve Cried, The pain you have felt, You reborn in every moment, Where There comes a day you’ll Fly high, Prepare yourself for that day, who knows what you'll Become”
Nooooo ... Did she shoot herself .😨😨😨😨
aaahhhhhh no!
no Kai don't die
no what happened??? Please Tell me Kai didn't die already???😱😱😭😭😭 this is so interesting!!! tag me in the next story
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