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@SarahVanDorn I was watching the Ricky Dillon MV with my friend and I was like wait go back for a second and I told her that Jin and Hobi were in there and since she wasn't a Kpop fan at that time she just rolled her eyes at me 馃槀
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@Allyson3333 lol nice I didn't even know about this ricky dillon
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which Jimin is making a solo debut?! how old is that tumblr post!? is that announcing to most recent exo album right?? And the recent big bang come back that's not new is it?! cuz if it is ins die
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@DesireeChucklez I think that is an old post, I didn't get it from tumblr. Sorry if I got your hopes up. 馃槬
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I'm so done xD this made my day
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