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akame ga kill
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@Jurichi Attack on Titan failed to put any meaning behind character deaths because all of the ones that actually mattered lived. However, for Akame ga Kill, every episode was filled with moments including the tight knit group of friends that slowly but surely got picked off. If you think Akame ga Kill is trash, then you yourself have an unbelievable shortsighted view on anime as a whole. Also I'm pretty sure (without reading up in the comments) that nobody said this was the saddest show they've seen, just that it had a lot more sad moments than AoT. I'd like you to explain exactly why Akame ga Kill is "overrated trash" as well.
I think we are forgetting something important when it comes to comparing these two animes, how they end. AOT's ending of season one left off giving us even more questions and years without a release date for the second season for years. Too me it felt like there was going to be no season two so it just ended there. However akame ga kill ended in a very fitting way. Most of the crew reached their individual goals but only after death. It was a very satisfying ending it left with no questions raised.
@Alletaire AOT is not meant to make you cry lmao the deaths of characters in that series is to make you hate the titans and understand why everyone fears them, because they eat people like nothing. Now as for akame, yeah it had its moments but it still doesn't compare to AOT, the story is unoriginal, the shocking parts are those "sad" deaths while AOT has some of the best plot twists, that female titan fight was single handedly better than all of the akame series πŸ˜‚ i say it's overrated trash because people never step out and look for other anime, all they like is mainstream which is cool but there is anime out there better than these two series that you'll never hear of but if course these "anime is life" people cant name 10 anime with out including naruto, SAO, death note ect
@Jurichi I just want to point out that Naruto, SAO, and Death Note are all great shows, it's just that people label them as "mainstream" because they actually gained a good amount of popularity. Any show that is one of those hidden gems could potentially take one of their places. Now back to what is at hand here. AoT made you hate Titans the moment that one Titan at the very beginning killed Eren's mom (granted she probably wasn't going to live long if she had gotten away considering the house on top of her probably crushed every bone in her body from the waist down). Also I'd like you to name a show that is very similar to Akame ga Kill because you think it is an unoriginal story. Personally, I can't really think of too many that are a lot like it. I can however, name a few animes that are very similar to AoT, like Total Eclipse and BBK/BRNK. Finally, AoT doesn't really have that many good plot twists in my opinion. They're interesting yeah, but to me they just aren't really "all that". Oh and the fight between Eren and Annie was a really good fight, but many of the fights in Akame ga Kill were very interesting and posed many new questions on the limitations of the characters both "good" and "bad". Finally, the ending of Akame ga Kill was truly unbelievable. The way that Tatsumi and Esdeath died together made the ending really hit home that nobody is safe during a war like that and even the "main" character could die. It also gave a very strong finality to the series whereas the ending of AoT gave an obvious hint to the non-manga readers that there was still a lot more to come, but it has taken so long that the primary excitement of the show has died away, leaving behind the real fans who want to see season two really friggin badly (including myself)