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Who does our community love the most?

This is inspired by a project that @OGv6FATE was working on to discover which characters the Vingle community loves the most. It isn't about abilities- just who you like the most!
Comment below with your favorite
I'll tally them and share the result next week
Once we've done a few we'll compare the winners for the ultimate Vingle fave!!!
I'm thinking whoever it is should be the community mascot ^_^

Here are this week's options:

Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Foggy Nelson
Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr)
Phil Coulson

Last week's vote: Storm!!!

She'll be joining Captain America in the final round. Once we have compiled all of our winners we'll compare them and find out who is the true Vingle favorite! @Raavaan @LAVONYORK @KennedyCasey @zSage13 @arnelli @LadyLuna @Naika8888 @MichaelOgg @MajahnNelson @amobigbang @purplem00n23 @BeannachtOraibh @mymi @Eclare @KhaliaAwsomenes @MrSteps @xxwriter389xx @dominika @NickDiaz @DaltonColeman @BelleofRay @SeintoSeiya I'm excited to see the voter turn out this week!
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Coulson, agents of Shield have developed his character a lot more, he's pretty damn awesome
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Phil Coulson!
2 years ago·Reply
Phil Coulson
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