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                                  Drip. Drip. Drip.               The sound of water dripping from the ceiling wakes me from my slumber. I look around at the same thing that I have looked at for millennia. Except for this time when I look at it I am greeted with a welcome sense of hope. Today is the day that I can leave this cursed place. I will be free of the never ending sense of boredom that lingers within these walls. By now I know every turn, every crack and dip in the ground. This cave I know better than the back of my hand, mostly because I spent less time staring at the back of my hand then exploring this place, although I did plenty of both.               I turned to the one item I had allow myself to take with me, my sword. Though I am immortal, my sword was not, and a millennia in a dark, damp cave had done it no favors. "You have one last task to do for me old friend." I picked it up, and sighed, looking at the rusty edges, and cracked leather hilt. I began remembering with fondness all the life that had been taken, all the wars started. Then, with reluctance, I hefted it, and smashed it against the wall of the cave. The rock smashed open, and debris scattered everywhere. I walked out, looking sadly at the mangled process of my sword. It had served me well. It was now free.            A sound of shock coming from nearby tore me from my thick nostalgia. "With a sword, you just, how?" I turned slowly towards the voice, and the speaker had an expression of disbelief across their face.                     "I'm strong. Abnormally so." Was my only response. The young boy who had spoken aloud gave me one last look, then either accepted my answer or decided not to argue. A wise decision on his part. He then took the time to look at me, not just state his shock, and smiled, or grimaced. Human expressions are so hard to interpret.                       "Perhaps, he started, you'd like some clothes?" I looked at him with a simple expression, one that I had become very well acquainted with, sarcasm.                  "No, I said, I was planning on trekking through the wilderness naked." The human laughed it off, then stuck out his hand as an offer to shake it. Reluctantly, I took it, and he recoiled at first, then took firm grasp of my hand and shook.                       "That's one cold hand you got there." I smiled at him, and answered simply "I have been in a cave for quite a while." His face relaxed, and he began to talk.                   "Oh, well that explains it, You looked a little pale, and I didn't want to draw attention to it, for sake of being rude. Do you want to use my phone?”  I processed this new information.                    “Pardon me, but what is a “phone?” The stranger's face formed into an expression I could only compare to disbelief.                       “Exactly how long were you that cave?” I stared at him, surprised by his reaction.                   “Only a millennia, Why?” The stranger backed up slowly.                      “You… You’ve gotta be kidding me.” I looked at him blankly.                    “Why would I kid?” His face pales, and he looks as though he wants to either drop dead right there or run like the devil was at his back.            “ a psychopath!” He yells, “Insane!” I give him a look.                    “I am neither Insane or a psychopath. I am simply immortal.” The stranger suddenly and without warning drops to his knees.                  “Are you a god?” He asks. I smile.           “Of sorts.” I reach my hand out, and lay it on his head.                        “I’m sorry!” he yells. “Whatever I did, I’m sorry!” My face lights up.                        “You are forgiven.” He relaxes. “Thank y-” His sentence it cut short by my hand thrusting through his skull. I hear the familiar crack of the skull crush through my fingers and smell the sweet sound of blood dripping through my fingers. Drip. Drip. Drip. It was good to kill again.
I was expecting a slit throat. YIKES. A skull crush. Nice connection-drip in cave/drip of blood. Keep it coming.
Ooooh interesting!