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It's time for the Seventeen members!!!!!!!!! First we have S.COOOOOUUUUPPPSSS!!! The fabulous leader!
How many S.Coups girls do we have out there? He's pretty wonderful!
He's so talented at rapping, I love his skills
So that was the wonderful S.Coups! I can't wait to get to the rest of the members! :) If you want tagged in these comment below!!
I love too many members of Seventeen (literally all of them), but S. Coups is definitely one of my favorites. He's incredibly clumsy, goofy... just a fun guy!
when he changed his hair to black and i fell in love....that was a hard day hahahahha
s.coups is my ultimate bias for seventeen... then its hansol... lawd...what is up with me having a thing for the hip hop line or rapline of every group xD
@kpopandkimchi i said the same thing , he kinda resembles okasian ...which made me fall for him even more xD