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To celebrate the incredible progress of my plastic surgery journey, which you can read all about here, I decided to call a couple friends of mine to join me for donuts this morning. WHY? Because LA donuts from random mom and pop shops are the best, and can turn any post-op rhinoplasty into something called bliss! @Butterflyblu knows all about these dreamy eats in and around LA.
This time, however, I wanted to venture out to a different donut shop. One that I'd never been too.

And this is what happened: Kettle Glazed!

Coming from the Valley, take the 101 S. to Vine street and go East, which turns into Franklin. Just passed Argyle. If you hit Gower, you've gone too far! Turn around! I know, parking is hit or miss, but if you have to park further than you like, imagine all the calories you'll be burning, which will make diving into these nuggets of sweet heaven all the more decadent!
Their Cronut is A REVELATION OF ALL THAT IS RIGHT AND GOOD. Don't skip this!!!!!!!
I think this is my new hotspot for donuts. For realz. If you live in LA, and you've never been here before--VINGLE ME! LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you ladies care to join me for some donuts here sometime?! :) it's not a date, just a time to chill...

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@ButterflyBlu I watched it, but I don't have good memories. I was rushed to the hospital because I had pink eye (urgent care wasn't open).
@InPlainSight you? Unpredictable? Understatement. @Taijiotter ugggh. That really sucks. :( That's so not the memories that anyone should connect to The Princess Bride! Pink eye blows, too.
@ButterflyBlu I think I might try watching it now that I'm older. Just to try to get the full experience without feeling like my eye is trying to kill me.
@ButterflyBlu @AlloBaber hahah thank you for the heartwarming words cx
@Cle1 Tagging you here just in case I can't join you on Saturday morning!!! This place is a SHORT Uber trip from the Loews Hotel. Near the Griffith Observatory. This place is a must!!!!