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Trading Naughty Pics: Yes or No?
Okay, here goes. I know this is a hotly debated topic among my own friends, and I was wondering what Vingle would have to say.

Do you or would you ever trade naughty photos?

+ Some find it empowering
+ A way to keep in touch with a far away partner
+ Fun and flirty
+ They could fall into the wrong hands/get published online
+ If you want to be a public figure someday, probably a bad idea
+ Companies like Snapchat don't actually delete photos after you send them
Above: Kim K encouraging us all in our cleavage game.

What do you guys think? Are photos like these okay to take and send in some instances?

Or is it a flat out no for you?

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yes by all means, cover the face
2 years ago·Reply
As a guy, it's very awesome and lovely when your gf send naughty pics. But girls should not send these type of pics unless they crop out their face for privacy concerns. Guys, if a girl says no, then no. Don't try to convince them otherwise.
2 years ago·Reply
playing with the fuckin bodies lmao, ideots , remember when you are ugly old, and remember that you are a soul in a body and not a body only , is your most huge problem is appearing your face haha, what a shame !!?
a year ago·Reply
Well, by means of answering, I've only sent one nude pic in my life and that was back when I had an 8 pack and the definition you can only reach when you're a young teenager before you're enduring 16+ hour days and end up looking flabbier than the blob that ate everyone haha ;D But in this pic, well, I looked good. So I included my face in it too ;D I figured, what're you gonna do if we break up? Show everybody? Go ahead lol Line up your friends for me lmfao (I was slightly cocky at that time. So cringe-worthy lmfao) But, yeah, It was nice My friend that was instructing me on how to send nudes to a girl (being a girl herself) told me to rub some lotion or vaseline or something like that on my... uh, myself and get a decently and evenly lit place to take a picture at. Of course, gotta do a little exercise and playing first to make everything look more impressive. So, yeah haha But then, I actually had intercourse and I never sent another fully-revealing picture of myself, because my partner or rebound or random hookup would just see it in real life hahaha But, at a period in my life, I had sent quite a bit topless and really low "V" pics in exchange for nudes... leading me into my next paragraph. and on the flipside, I've received a decent amount of nudes, especially since I was present at the beginning of Kik being used almost exclusively for sending and receiving teasing and nude pictures with people around the country and world. So, the face is always nice in there. Since I always look for/at eyes and smile first, I like the face in the pictures, but I completely understand why you wouldn't want to include it. And in a relationship... I don't know. I'm not the type of person to ever share or show anybody else my ex's or currents nudes out of spite. I actually have a 6 hour rule, where unless otherwise specified, I'll delete the picture or video. If I'm told to keep the picture/video, I always have it hidden and password protected. In the case of a breakup or even pause in the relationship, I delete the files. So, I guess, I don't really oppose them, simply because you know the risks when you send or even take one. If you accept responsibility, then go for it!
a year ago·Reply
it's a no for me, *is super self-conscious about her body*
a year ago·Reply