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Okay, here goes. I know this is a hotly debated topic among my own friends, and I was wondering what Vingle would have to say.

Do you or would you ever trade naughty photos?

+ Some find it empowering
+ A way to keep in touch with a far away partner
+ Fun and flirty
+ They could fall into the wrong hands/get published online
+ If you want to be a public figure someday, probably a bad idea
+ Companies like Snapchat don't actually delete photos after you send them
Above: Kim K encouraging us all in our cleavage game.

What do you guys think? Are photos like these okay to take and send in some instances?

Or is it a flat out no for you?

I'm also not saying that people shouldn't do it. But, those pictures are around forever. Just like last year when the pictures of all those stars was leaked. We only knew about it because it was Jennifer Lawrence. Would any of you get the same level of attention if whatever you use to trade pictures was hacked? You have to be conscious about what you send. Also what you take. Once you take a picture, unless you change your settings, your picture will be uploaded to whatever cloud service. And none of this stuff is secure.
Hahahahaha @BeannachtOraibh that's a funny clip. @dominika @ebethoven I tend to more agree with you guys... Like I'm NOT Jennifer Lawrence lol so who cares if someone sees me in my lacy underwears or whatever? I think cropping out your face is smart. That's the only insurance policy I need. Well, that and being prudent about who you send to.
Send @ ur own risk.
No pics of my sausage will sizzle anyones inbox
I think if you've been dating your significant other for a while it's okay but only if you feel comfortable don't ever send a naughty picture if you feel pressured! I send naughty pics to my significant other cuz I trust him & he does too but just to be on the safe side avoid showing your face in the picture xD sometimes I take a naughty picture & I'm like dang I look good & it raises my self esteem XD but again completely up to you!! don't send one if your partner doesn't send one either!
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