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Whatcha Dig: Olives or No Olives?
Olives, specifically Spanish olives are everywhere in the Puerto Rican cuisine (pasteles, rice, stews, ect.)
I actually used to HATE HATE HATE olives, but as I became an adult, my taste buds sorta adjusted. I now I really love olives (especially in alcoholic drinks ;-) )

How do you feel about olives???

...Do you think they taste like cow crap?
...Or are they most beautiful green things you have ever tasted?
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no thanks
2 years ago·Reply
Where's the oliveee loveeee
2 years ago·Reply
I never eat it alone but with other food like pizza or salad..its good
2 years ago·Reply
love them pitted
2 years ago·Reply
Same here! @easternshell
2 years ago·Reply