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Howdy Lovebugs!

I've just been browsing the community and found some people who could use help, advice, or encouragement. I wanted to highlight these Cards and Talks so people could go give them some love!!

Best Valentines Day Gift for a Girlfriend?

@AustinHargis16 is looking for ideas! He'd like to know how he can best surprise his lady on Valentines Day – with a gift, or some kind of event to take her to. If you have any thoughts, leave a comment on his card!
Thanks for posting your question @AustinHargis16, I hope we can come up with some good ideas for you! :)

How About The Best Valentines Day Gift for a Boyfriend?

Have you guys all checked out Vingle's new feature, the Community Talk?! :D When you're in the Love & Relationship community, try going to the Talk tab. It's a place for posting short messages (they kind of remind me of Tweets!), images, and comments.
@IvyAsbury recently posted a Talk looking for advice on how to celebrate Valentines Day with her boyfriend – activities to do together, and what she can get him. Anybody got some ideas for her?
It's great to meet you @IvyAsbury! I hope you figure out an awesome V-Day plan :)

Kissing Tips, Anyone?

In the Talk, a couple different people have asked for advice on how to give their girlfriends a good kissing :) @BrianRichardson, @YeahImTucker, and @codymccl were all wondering: What's the best way to kiss a girl?
Can anyone lend their advice here? I know I've got some ideas, but I can't always be the one giving out advice ;) haha. If anyone would be interested in writing a How To Kiss card, I think there are plenty of people who'd appreciate it! Any volunteers? Or just comment your tips below ;D
(Hint: Do not do as the brown puppy does. Lol.)

Courageous and Strong

Finally, on a totally different note, I was really touched by a card @Dynamo wrote. I encourage you all to give it a read. And leave some love or encouragement, because I know we could all use that sometimes :) You're awesome, @Dynamo. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I think your words are both inspiring and encouraging to those of us fighting similar battles!
Tagging the Lovebug Army – unite and conquer! :D And if you're new to the community and would like to be added to the Lovebug tag list (or if you'd like to "unsubscribe" heheh) let me know!
A custom painting. Art never depreciates.
@1FallenAngel I agree with you. We are always so busy that serious 1-1 time is neglected or limited. I'm not into store bought gifts or cards for VDay (or stuffed animal...ever). I often wondered if that makes me weird for a female.
I have never been in a relationship before, but I've been told that I give good advice so I'll do my best to try and answer the first two. I feel like a good Valentine's Day present for a if your significant other would be a date. Sometimes I feel like people are too materialistic sometimes and feel pressured to think that you have to get a gift. A nice date to the movies, eating at the couple's favorite restaurant, going to a park, or even going to the beach are ideas that work for either sex. If the gift is still in one's thoughts then a good present would be something that lasts, and the more personal one makes it the better. For example: charms, necklaces, bracelets, etc. maybe this helps someone (๑・v・๑)
something from the heart nothing you have to pay for try making something if he /she doesn't like it then... welll *sips tea *
Best gift: photo album of some cute pics of the couple made by the bf himself-it should be unique n all handmade!
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