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Deadpool is portrayed as omnisexual and will have sex with anything with a pulse which can be interpreted as pansexual.
Princess BubbleGum we think is bisexual and has history with Marceline the vampire queen who we also think is bisexual.
Harley Quinn is bisexual and has an open relationship with Poison Ivy. I think the fact that these characters seem to be coming out.. or focused on more in comics and films can only be a good thing. Which other characters do you like within the comics/films you watch who are LGBT? Comments please :)
Awww Harley!!! I love her and Ivy ^_^ I'll add Loki, Catwoman, Batwoman, Renee Montoya, Constantine, and Mystique to this group ^_^
also does deadpool realize that animals have pulses XD
@Eclare PB has shown previous interest in Finn. Whether or not those feelings are still there, she did have feelings for him. thus making her at least bisexual 馃槉
also you have some incorrect information! princess bubblegum is also bisexual and dont forget to mention that her history with Marcy is only suggested but yet has been said
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