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Happy Waifu Wednesday, Nakama!

Today I want to shine a spotlight on to another of my favorite ladies in anime, and one I feel often gets overlooked by the leading male character in the anime.
The girl is Natsuki Shinohara, and she is the real hero of the anime Summer Wars.
If you haven't seen Summer Wars, you absolutely should. You also probably shouldn't read this because there will be some spoilers.
Natsuki is a popular high school student, and a friend to the protagonist Kenji. She's the whole reason the plot of the anime starts going. Natsuki invites Kenji along to her extended family's home for her grandmother's 90th birthday under the pretense that he is her boyfriend. He is unaware of this caveat at first.
Natsuki is confident, strong-willed, and very loyal and loving to her family. She wanted her grandmother to be happy, in knowing that Natsuki had a boyfriend, before she passed away. She fights on behalf of her uncle, the man responsible for the destructive program Love Machine. She stands up for what she believes in.
In the climax of the film, it is Natsuki who strikes the critical blows against love machine in a game of Koi Koi. With the backing of the enitre world, she reduces the malicious program to a state where her uncle and cousin are able to completely finish him off. Kenji saves the lives of the family by redirecting the satellite, but Natsuki is the one who makes it possible to finish the fight for good.
A really good movie and she is ansome
I enjoyed Summer Wars. I like to see more female characters like Matsuki who are as confident as they see they are.
I loved this movie. It was so good I watched it twice. And she's awesome as well.
@InVinsybll I have been meaning to watch this!! thank you for warning bout the spoilers within the second sentence haha c:
is this on crunchy roll or hulu ?