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In my heart I can't help, but think of that day even if was just one simple thing I can't help it. He did one simple think yet I felt happy, butterflies once more....I known him since middle school and still know him yet my heart is not peace with this feeling for this man. He holds my heart and it pains me when I don't see him and when I do I go and jump him as a happy puppy that has just seen their owner in a week. When he is there I feel relieved and my stress move away just happiness when Im with him. I want to hold hands with him,yet I can not for he doesn't feel the same thing for me. He'll ignore me if I say those 4 words I will be withering inside my heart so I acted like nothing and now were back to normal once more,but my heart is unsettled with it. Why? Why? Do I feel this. Like I did with Jesse my heart beats more, more and ever more when I see him. When he sees me I notice he looking at me,yet I act like I didn't see him looking at me, but inside I want him to embrace me into a hug and a kiss on my forehead, that I will remember forever till I die the kiss will be marked in my forehead and heart. No man could do that except him, but I know inside my heart that won't happen he'll never like me like that will he? Will he love me? Yet if he does I won't stay long with him will I they always end too fast I want me and him to last till death do us part, or till we have to end up with others, but my heart still wavers im almost struck with raindrops. Drip....drip....drip... Im weeping not wanting to lose him....yet I don't even have a grasp on him..... I just want him to say my name and hug me like the world is about to end and ask me out I would be the Happiest girl alive....he just need to say my name and those word and I'll kiss him with passion...but is he the one meant to be for me?