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I love Hannah Harts hair.. my hair cut is similar and I love it - anyone else a fan? This video shows you how to achieve it and I agree the braver you get the more you shave it off!
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@shannonl5 My hair suits me with this style of cut - I used to have it long but there is no going back for me now!
I've had short hair for a while and LOVED it. I've never shaved the sides though.
@nicolejb Its awesome when you have them shaved in.. I started with one but have now got two - becoming more braver each time!
I'm actually growing my hair out right now, but I'm totally down to do something bold after this!I tend to grow it out and then chop it all off and donate it, but I think I'll try even MORE next time! haha it makes me nervous but I like the idea!
@nicolejb trust me its liberating :)