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It looks like EA is -- sort of -- skipping E3 this year. They've announced that they're holding an event in Los Angeles the will run from June 12th to the 14th (as you can see above) instead of having their own press conference at E3 like they have previously.
For a bunch of gamey-gamer people like myself, I think this is pretty big news. As one of the biggest game publishers in the industry, stepping away from E3 is a pretty big statement. Although, I'm unsure of what statement they're trying to make.
To me, it seems like they're going the route Nintendo did. Part of me wonders if the EA Play event will be livestreamed in same line as Nintendo Direct. And if it is, I think that's a particular good PR move for EA. They're usually looked at as "the bad guys" of the game industry*.
If you're interested in the event, you can check out the (bare) website here.
*Since they constantly buy up all the properties and come out with yearly games that aren't better than the previous year's game (Madden). And we all know that gaming is a grassroots effort, that's why there's so much support for indie developers and EA is terrible!
[Note: that was a joke. Everyone seems to think of EA as terrible because of the $$ but no one seems to act that way. It would be nice if indie devs got more support from people who play games but we don't live in an ideal world.]