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Just last week, a woman by the name of Janese Talton-Jackson was shot for declining a man's advances. She was approached by Charles Mckinney at a bar in Pittsburg. She is now dead.
Her three kids are now motherless.
This is the first of many where women are victims of a man's rage of being rejected, and it's f*cking awful.
People really need to understand that the other person is totally allowed to say 'no' whether that's a date offer, sexual advances, or even a trying to go in for a chat.
I remember when I was still a teenager, an older man asked for my phone number. I politely said 'no,' and that I wasn't interested. He kept asking, maybe expecting me to change my answer. I gave him an even firmer 'no' and asked him to leave me alone. He then pushed and shoved me against the wall -- in a public place. And yelled in my face about how I was this-and-that.
That was one of the most scariest moments. Despite of all of that, I usually do still give a polite rejection, just because I don't like to lead anyone on. But unfortunately, sometimes, some people's anger towards rejection can be so scary, you feel the need to toss your phone number at them.
It's TERRIFYING that in dating, or just being approached by a stranger -- we have to think about if our response will incite murder.
The fear you ladies have to deal with constantly of a man's rage, your life, your pride, your safety always on the line when a stranger comes onto you never knowing if this is the guy that breaks down.. I hate it. it disgusts me. it makes me hate being a man, it makes me so angry that someone would force their desires on another human being. forcefully or makes me want to be a vigilante, ridding the world of the of evil people. that would take a life just because he's not wanted, that would shove and scream obscenities to your face..from the bottom of my heart all you ladies, I am so heart breaks for you. I wish there was more I could do then pretty and useless words. My advice, kick these ingrates in the balls. as hard as humanly possible. and that someone would deny that these things fucking happen..all the time. sickens me. just..let me at these fucking animals! ugh i get so angry. I'm sorry I'm just so sorry that this happens..
what the fuck is wrong with people?
@alywoah If I shot every girl who rejected me I'd have a bigger body count than an Arnie movie
Apparently a whole of stuff
Wow, thank you for that comment @SAMURXAI. I think (most ladies) know that this isn't how all men are. I try my best to call out guys that are doing that, especially guy friends. And that's all we ask of dudes in return :) so thanks for saying that
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