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Valentine's Day Votive

Yes, it's Valentine's Day season. Whether you have a significant other or are riding solo this Valentine's Day, add some love flair to your home or apartment with this cute Valentine's Day votive. This DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at Made From Pinterest and Artzy Creations.


For this project, you will need:
-- Mason jar
-- Heart stickers
-- Sponge brush
-- Pink spray paint (matte finish)
-- Clear sealant (matte finish)
-- Ribbons and other details to add when finished
You can find all of these items at a craft store.

Stick on the heart stickers

Take the heart stickers and place them all over the mason jar, as shown in the picture above.

Paint the jar

Use the pink spray paint and paint all of the jar. You may need to do a few coats to get a truly opaque color. Then, paint a layer of clear paint over the jar to seal the color. Then, remove the heart stickers from the jar and add ribbon and detailing to the rim.

Place a lit candle inside the jar and enjoy your Valentine's Day votive!

For more DIY projects for your home or apartment, check out the "DIY home" collection!
That's a good idea, I think I'll make one and see if I can do it for other seasons
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Top Questions to Ask Yourself While Purchasing Chairs In 2020
How frequently do you return home after work with a stiff back, hardened neck and sore shoulders? Any headache on your computer screen? What health issues are your old, marginally broken yet functional – office chairs and work desks causing you? Prior to purchasing the best office chair, asking yourself these queries may help you to make decisions. It is tragic to go through a lot of money, just to be overwhelmed by the purchaser's regret when the energetically anticipated buy is conveyed. It is simpler to make sense of what you need by asking yourself these simple questions whiling buying the best office chair for long hours: 1. What is the seat upholstery ideal? Chairs can be covered in an assortment of materials; however, the predominant decisions are leather, mesh, or foam texture. A principle part of the best massage chair is guaranteeing that the user has adequate ventilation. With leather and foam seats, sweat and warmth can build, causing discomfort and interruption. Mesh and numerous advanced material fabrics empower wind stream to the user's back and legs, guaranteeing that the user is kept cool and new. 2. Are there any reviews for the chair or company? New seating speaks to a noteworthy investment in the workplace's financial assets; thusly, it's imperative to ensure you are buying a fantastic item from a trustworthy organization. An incredible wellspring of data with respect to the organization you are purchasing chairs out of is their past customers. Chairs that need light get together are generally less expensive and have less quality than ultimately collected items. Likewise, managing a high number of seats can be very tedious, and the chairs can undoubtedly be destroyed if not amassed effectively. This data may be elusive on the organization's site. Try not to stop for a second to call the organization and pose explicit inquiries. 3. Does the seat fit your shape, and what is color? At the point when situated in the seat, the seat ought to be in any event 1 inch more extensive than your hips on either side. The seat dish itself ought to give two creeps between the rear of the knee and the seat to forestall your legs scraping against the seat as it moves and guarantees that you can benefit as much as possible from the lean back and lumbar help. Most undertaking chairs currently offer pneumatic stature adjustability to guarantee your feet are level on the ground at your work area. If not, a stool may be required. Colour relies totally upon either your organization marking or the palette you have going on inside the workplace. Please make a point to have photographs of your office insides on your telephone so that you can buy it easily. Regarding material, comfort is consistently key. For instance, in case you're going to buy an office seat, try to check if the material utilized is breathable against the skin and if its armrest, back, and tallness is adjustable to the user's inclination. 4. Have I looked for sales coupons? Perhaps the most significant advantage of internet shopping has the option to look for sales and promotion codes before purchasing. When you've decided the household item you need to buy, take a couple of seconds to investigate some well-known coupon sites, for example, Retail Me Not—or any sales or promotion codes the retailer has to bring to the table. Can't discover any? No concerns. Program expansions will scour the web for significant limits before you checkout and numerous online furniture retailers offer markdown codes when you pursue messages or in case you're a first-time customer. 5. How can I utilize and move my seat effectively in the office? Mobility is something that is usually ignored in office chairs. The key questions you have to consider are things like; do you have to move around effectively in your seat? Is office space lacking? Do the seat arms prevent your restricted workspace? Such questions will help recognize the significance of mobility with your new best massage chair in the world. Take a firmly stuffed office space, where work area space is restricted. Everybody having wheeled administrator chairs with massive, fixed arms could cause migraines. This is the place is workplace ground surface can be considered, as vigorously covered floors might be challenging to move on. At the same time, a laminated material might be ideal for nothing and spry movement.
코딩과 아두이노의 찰떡궁합 에피소드 모음(1~23)
최근 빙글이 개편되면서 기존에 등록한 글들을 찾기가 어려워진것 같습니다. 그동안 작성한 코딩과 아두이노의 찰떡궁합 에피소드를 중간 정리하고 넘어갈까 합니다. 코딩과 아두이노의 찰떡궁합 에피소드 모음(1~23) 1.코딩이란... 2.코딩 프로그램별 특징 3.아두이노로 할 수 있는 것-1 4.아두이노로 할 수 있는 것-2 5.코딩과 소프트웨어 알아보기 6.아두이노 알아보기 7.아두이노와 연결해 사용하는 센서 알아보기 8.아두이노와 센서 구입 방법 9.아두이노 사용(개발)환경 만들기 10.아두이노 보드와 컴퓨터 연결하기 11.아두이노로 LED 제어하기 12.LED 제어 코드 파헤쳐보기 13.버튼으로 LED 켜고 끄기 14.가변저항으로 LED 빛 밝기 조절하기 15.조도센서로 스마트(똑똑한) 가로등 만들기 16.소리에 반응하는 이퀄라이저 만들기 17.실생활에서 알아보는 조건명령 코딩하기 18.조도센서로 스마트(똑똑한) 가로등 만들기-2 19.토양 수분 센서로 화분 물주는 시기 체크하기 20.PIR 센서로 침입자 감지해 알림 켜기 21.초음파 센서로 자동차 후방감지기 만들기 22.3D프린터 융합 활용으로 Wi-Fi로 제어하는 무드등 23.릴레이로 220v 전등 및 전기 제어하기 다음 에피소드에는 미세먼지 측정기를 만들어보겠습니다^^ 이후에도 좋은 콘텐츠로 찾아뵙겠습니다^^ 콘텐츠가 맘에드시는 분은 팔로우해주세요~^^ ▶상상을 현실로 만드는 아두이노(Arduino) ■ 박경진 지음 / 에듀아이 출판 ■ 알라딘, Yes24, 교보문고, 영풍문고, 반디앤루니스, 인터파크에서 구입가능합니다. ■ 아두이노 입문자 및 활용자 책으로 추천합니다. [책에서 다루는 내용] ■ 소프트웨어 코딩을 이해하고 아두이노에 업로드/테스트하는 방법 ■ 서서히 색상이 그라데이션 형태로 바뀌는 LED 무드등 만들기 ■ 리드 스위치 모듈로 창문이나 현관 문 열림 감지하기 ■ 토양 수분 센서로 화분의 수분 상태를 측정해 물 공급시기 체크하기 ■ 비접촉식 온도 센서로 비접촉 체온 측정기 만들기 ■ 이 세상 하나뿐인 우리집 미세 먼지 측정기 만들기 ■ 주변 밝기를 측정해 자동으로 켜지고 꺼지는 스마트 전등(가로등) 만들기 ■ 거리를 측정하는 초음파 센서를 이용해 자동차 후방 감지기 만들기 ■ 일정한 거리내의 사람을 인식해 자동으로 열리고 닫히는 스마트 휴지통 만들기 ■ 스마트폰 블루투스로 연결해 제어하는 RC 카 만들기 ■ 집밖에서 스마트폰으로 집안의 사물인터넷 기기 제어 [이 책의 대상 독자] ■ 소프트웨어 교육 의무화로 소프트웨어 코딩을 배우고 싶은 학생 ■ 사물인터넷 제품을 만들어 스마트 홈을 구현하고 싶은 독자 ■ 어렸을 때 생각했거나 상상했던 제품을 직접 만들어보고 싶은 독자 ■ 소프트웨어와 하드웨어의 상관 관계를 이해하고 제어하고 싶은 독자 ■ 로봇, 드론 등의 제품 구현을 위한 기본 지식을 습득하고자 하는 독자 끝까지 읽어주셔서 고맙습니다^^ 다음 에피소드에서 또 뵙겠습니다^^
How to Choose the Proper Bed Sheets
Web content is an important place to start. We offer a wide range of combinations and 100% cotton sheets. There are different grades of cotton, which are determined by the length of its base fabric or fibers. The longer the staple, the more luxurious and durable the quality of the cotton will be. 100% cotton sheets will be the softest and most breathable, since they are all natural fibers. The benefit of the cotton / polyester blend is that it doesn't wrinkle as much and the prices are more moderate. However, polyester sheets do not breathe or absorb moisture like whole cotton. 100% cotton will always be the most comfortable option, and if you take it out of the dryer immediately and fold it or lay it on the bed, it won't wrinkle the way you think. Types of cotton: Egyptian: long staple cotton grown in the Nile River Valley. Optimal climatic conditions for this region make yarns exceptionally tall. This highly absorbent cotton is durable and breathable. Pima: the name of the Native American Pima tribe. Grown in the southwestern United States and South America, this cotton is high-quality, long-staple. SUPIMA: acronym for "superior bima". Supima cotton is the best long-staple pima cotton crop grown exclusively in the United States by certified growers. Organic - Cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. If a product is certified organic, it will have a third-party certification approved by the US government to ensure its authenticity. Other fabrics: Synthetic: Polyester is the most common synthetic fiber used for panels. Man-made synthetic material and although it is wrinkle resistant, it is not as soft, breathable and durable as cotton. This material is likely to cake (small balls of cloth collect on the surface). Blend: The most common blend is cotton / polyester. Natural and synthetic fibers are blended to create easy-care sheets. Since polyester is not a very breathable fabric, these sheets sleep warmer than 100% cotton sheets. Blends are more durable than synthetic fibers, but they wear out faster than 100% cotton sheets. Modal: fiber made from the pulp of beech trees. This silky smooth material has excellent rolling properties. Bamboo: Made from the pulp of bamboo grass, these fibers are resistant to bacteria and are hypoallergenic. It is smooth and silky and provides excellent drape ability. Here is a guide to compare the pros and cons of bamboo sheeets. WEAVE is another important feature to look for in the newspapers. Other fabrics include: Satin: (not to be confused with satin). This one has a four point, one underneath, which places most of the yarn on the surface, making it very smooth, although it is a little less durable than calico or fine definition. TIMELINESS: This is a two piece top stitch and one bottom stitch. It is more durable than a normal fabric, but not as soft as satin. The delicate sheets will soften after repeated washing. PERCALE: The threads are woven on top of each other to produce a strong and durable fabric. Persil can be finished to get a crisp or smooth texture. This fabric allows air to pass easily, so the calico tends to breathe. Berkal will soften after repeated washings. Twill: With twill sheets, the threads are usually woven with two pieces at the top and one at the bottom. This fabric can be easily recognized by the diagonal stripes on one side of the fabric. These sheets hold their shape well, fold well, and tend to be somewhat wrinkle resistant. Jacquard - This is a patterned fabric that is very complex to create. These panels are produced on a special loom to allow intricate patterns to repeat on the face of the fabric. Jacquard sheets often have a great repeating pattern or texture effect. Manufacturing techniques must also be considered. Combing - Cotton fibers are combed to create soft, strong strands by removing short, uneven fibers. The hairstyle leaves long, straight fibers that are even and aligned. Built-in: a process that dramatically reduces the amount of loose hair fibers and weak spots in the strand. This process is called "pinching" because the outer fibers are compressed towards the core of the yarn as it is wound. These threads also allow the fabric to resist wrinkles and lint. FLANNEL - This medium weight fabric is soft and fuzzy and is usually made from cotton with a feather finish on one or both sides. Napping is a brushing technique that provides a raised surface with a smooth appearance. Vanilla provides warmth during the colder months. Jersey - These sheets look like a T-shirt and provide an excellent stretch fit. These panels
4 Bí kíp đơn giản làm gương sáng và đẹp mới tại nhà
Qua thời gian khi sử dụng gương phòng tắm , gương soi toàn thân , sẻ có những vết bẩn , hoen ố , bụi bám lâu ngày ,mờ hơi nước …. Vhome24 chia sẻ những mẹo đơn giản , dể thực hiện tại nhà giúp gương sáng bóng mới và đẹp như mới mà không mất quá nhiều thời gian . 1. Vệ Sinh Gương bằng Nước Lâu Kinh Đây là nước dung dịch chuyên làm bề mặt gương sáng bóng phổ biến nhất . Gương nhà tắm thường có bề mặt tiếp xúc độ ẩm cao mà lau nước thường không làm gương phòng tắm bạn sáng hơn được . Cách sử dụng : bạn có thể vệ sinh gương bằng cách xịt dung dịch lên gương, sau đó dùng khăn khô hoặc giấy báo lau. Gương Phòng Tắm sẻ trở lại như mới và sáng bóng >> Xem thêm Các Sản Phẩm Gương Thông Minh 2. Vệ Sinh Gương bằng Xà Phòng Khi tắm, gương trong nhà tắm thường bị hơi nước bốc lên làm mờ đi. Có thể dùng nước xà phòng xoa lên gương, rồi dùng khăn khô lau đi, trên mặt gương sẽ hình thành 1 lớp màng nước xà phòng, tránh cho gương bị mờ. Cũng có thể dùng sữa rửa mặt thay nước xà phòng, hiệu quả thu được là như nhau. 3. Vệ Sinh Gương bằng Kem Đánh Răng Nghe có vẻ hơi bất ngờ nhưng kem đánh răng lại hiểu quả khi vệ sinh các mặt kính , đồng hồ , gương làm đánh bay các bủi bẩn lâu ngày trên bề mặt gương . Cách sử dụng : bạn chuẩn bị 1 chiếc khăn mềm và 1 lương kem đánh răng vừa đủ lên bề mặt khăn và bắt đầu lau nhẹ nhàng các vết bẩn trên bề mặt gương . Không mất quá nhiều thời gian nhưng bạn đả thấy kết quả các bụi bẩn và vết hoen biến mất . 4. Vệ Sinh Gương bằng Giấm Giấm có hạm lượng nhỏ axit giúp tẩy các vết bẩn cứng đầu hoặc sơn bám lâu ngày . Bạn chỉ đổ 1 vài giọt nhỏ trên bề mặt gương và dùng khăn ấm lau theo hình tròn trên vết bẩn . Nên lau kỷ ở các vết bẩn và hoen ố và bạn sẻ thấy hiểu quả của Giấm. Vhome24 chia sẻ 4 cách để làm gương của bạn trở lại như mới và sáng bóng . Chúc các bạn thành công . VHOME24 - THẾ GIỚI GƯƠNG SOI ONLINE Chi nhánh HCM: 666/30/26 đường 3/2, Phường 14, Quận 10, HCM Chi nhánh HN: 53 Hàng Thiếc, Hoàn Kiếm, HN ✆ Hotline: 0902.302.966 | 0906.106.951 (Zalo/Viber/Imes) Website : Giao hàng toàn quốc