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Get to know me!

I'm Shannon aka @shannonL5 and I'm the moderator for the Marvel community (which means a lot of you know me pretty well by now... I tend to be aggressively friendly). Here's some things you should know about me:
1. I started reading comics when I was a kid waiting in line at the grocery store- the X-Men were right there and I was so bored!!!
2. I'm really excited about Marvel's All-New All-Different lineup.
3. I'm a giant nerd.
4. I chose Peggy Carter as my profile pic because I really look up to her!
5. I'm currently writing Marvel fanfiction about Black Widow and I'm so flattered by how kindly people have responded to it! I've also collaborated with @Krystalstar22 and it was so much fun!

My face:

This was from Halloween. You'll never guess who I was ;)
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@ThePervySage haha I got ya. And thanks! Black Widow is honestly one of my all-time favorite characters so that's really awesome to hear! I still have the silver paint, maybe a Winter Widow is in order...
@shannonl5 Be creative. Go all out. Do something that no one would really think of.
@ThePervySage I've got a few months to plan :D I'll have to ask you for advice!
@MichaelOgg what is that one? All about Spider-Man and his comic life from day one?
Yea that's how I first learned of Kaine, the other symbiots, and other cool characters