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If you're not all caught up on the whole debacle as a result from Stacey Dash's lowly comments, you may actually read @christianmordi's card about it.
Long story short, Dash (who is black btw) mentioned how there shouldn't be a Black History Month, or even stations/awards like BET (which she has been a part of). But I guess it ain't wrong if it's makin' her rich, huh? The whole thing started when Dash began to talk about the diversity issue for the Oscars.

Anyway, Union was confronted about the whole thing and added her two cents.

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Well said, however I do understand what Stacy and Raven are trying to say. It's just really bad how they word it for a critical world. Both of them are frustrated along with a huge number of people. However speaking from a sound mind gets your point across more coherently.