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Who would win?

This is a tough one. Daredevil doesn't have any extraordinary powers. He's trained under some of the greatest martial arts masters, and his four senses are heightened (due to the loss of his sight).
Mystique isn't extraordinarily strong or super-powered either. She can transform into anyone she's seen, which could give her some extra height, weight, or agility, but not much else.

So... pretty evenly matched.

I'd also be interested because they're opposites when it comes to personal morals. Mystique is looking out for herself first and foremost, while Daredevil is self-sacrificing. So the two of them facing off could have some great narrative structure too!
Who do you think would win? And of course, who would you be rooting for, regardless?
I think DD comes out on top. The fact his senses are so heightened he can dodge bullets just by hearing them being fired, is pretty rad. Mystique would give him a run for his money though.
@peahyr oh shoot you're right! She probably wouldn't walk right
@shannonl5 he's blind though and has super senses so even if she sounded like someone he cared about he'd be able to tell because of the aura? I'm just grabbing at straws lol
@MelissaGarza she's wily for sure :)
@shannonl5 oh that's good. the unexpected attack.馃槵
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