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I was in class and we weren't doing knowing myself I go straight to youtube and type in BTS and click the the youtube mix.
Now I'm watching the MVs and I see this dude come up behind me and peak at my screen to see what I was watching. His friend asks, "What's she doing?" This dude going to say, "Oh nothing, just these Chinese people?"
I was like...
"Excuse me......are you trying to die?"
I CANNOT STAND IT when people see an asian person and just label them "Chinese." I mean some of them might be Chinese but NOT ALL OF THEM!
I'm sorry about the rant but if you don't know an Asian person nationality then just call them 'Asians'
"are you trying to die" hahahah mark of a true fan girl (i hate insensitive people!)
oh my gawsh sameeee people do that with brown people too and automatically call them Indian or Muslim
To ignorant people, all of Asia = China
@Maxxie12 People in my school do the same thing . And if they see a Asian girl they call her ling ling 馃槓馃槓馃槓 and it's just like no .. She has a name just like you .. Use it ..
Dude same here except they were called Japanese 馃槨馃槴
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