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I usually have a few goals of things that I want to achieve each year. Last year I managed 2 so that was pretty good - I changed my main job and I went to Glastonbury.
This year they are - Visit Stonehenge for the solstice, play out in public (DJ) and get a girlfriend - which is a biggie as I really dont want to be on my own forever.... but suitable girls are hard to find! Does anyone else set themselves goals? even if I achieve one out of 3 by the end of the year I feel pleased that at least I tried!
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@shannonl5 Thanks :) It feels great to achieve one!
I think those are awesome goals @Eclare :) DJing and solstice both sound like they'd be bangin'! It's true that good partners are hard to find lol, but my theory is that they materialize as soon as you stop actively looking for them B) My goals for this year... I'm not sure exactly. It's important to have them, but mine are sort of big and undefined. Become better, personally and professionally... travel... be happy... exercise and cook more... read a ton of things and become a more interesting person... yeah that's pretty much it XD
@AlloBaber Great goals! and yes thats what my friends keep telling me! dont actively look! :)
Oh man I would love to go to Stonehenge!! Those are some pretty awesome ones. I think some of mine fall under the same line. I really like music and I would love to get a group together to sing, or join a choir! So I guess that's my big one :)
@nicolejb Yeah stonehenge is awesome! great goals :)