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Hey again, this question is from a friend of mine who's been out of a relationship for a good 2 months now, having dated the guy for 10 months. They broke up not on good terms and she's a little upset about how things turned out.
Here's her question:
"I've been doing all the things that I'm supposed to as a single person! I've been a lot of things to help: crying from time to time, and spending time just being sad. But also being really productive in my life, and going out and doing things with my friends. But I STILL can't get over him. I know it was a bad relationship and we weren't meant to be, but I can't stop thinking about him all the time, wondering how he's doing, and still asking "what if"... How do I get over this?!"

Help my friend out?!

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There's a song for every emotion. Find your playlist! I recommend starting with "Don't think about it too much" Drake.
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You all are amazing!!! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, my friend is going to appreciate all of this <3 @jazziejazz @Heartofgold35 @womanofyourdrea @Bobs Andd ohhhh maybe I'll make her a breakup playlist @Birdy915 that's a cool idea!! :D
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I know that feeling. It sucks, I know, but in due time, all of the productiveness and work will pay off and you'll be looking at this like "Why was I even hooked?" but I understand that it's difficult. Don't beat yourself up for not being able to get over him. It's a long and drawn out process. It just takes a minute. Hope this helped a bit!
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Thanks Nicolejb.
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Yay thank you @haley1999bolen I think hearing from someone that has been through it helps a lot! patience I think is a BIG part of this.
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