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Hello all! welcome to the next installment of the fan fiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! I am so happy you all have been liking this! I'm having a blast writing it! Possibly NSFW. Haven't decided.
Charles let out a breath he didn't know he was holding as Krystal snuggled into his chest. He hadn't expected her to do that. She had always seemed sort of distant and lonely. Now that he held her, things were different. Krystal's shields were down for the first time in the 20 years since Bucky's death. Normally the woman locked her heart so tight no man could penetrate its shell. She had been faithful to Bucky for the last 20 years as she raised their son, but she had fallen hard for Charles. "I feel guilty, Charles. I promised Bucky it would always just be him, but I fell in love with you. Is that wrong?" she posed the question softly, but her expression showed just how much she was hurting over this. Even if she'd never meant to confess, here, with him holding her, she felt like she had so long ago with Bucky. She didn't feel so alone anymore.
Charles stroked her long, soft blue hair as he held her, eyes closed as he thought. What did he say to that? That he loved her too? That everything was going to be fine and Bucky would've forgave her? How could he know? He couldn't, and that was the problem. For the first time in his life, Charles Xavier was unable to solve someone's problem, and it bothered him. Krystal snuggled into him, head resting on his chest. She was so emotionally and mentally strained that she started to fall asleep. Her words were soft and breathy as she spoke, but the message was there. "Stay. To broken to keep the nightmares away. Need you." Charles didn't need to be a telepath to know just how damaged the woman was feeling. Krystal hadn't showed anyone but her son the touchy feely affection she was giving him now. It begged a question though. Just how much had she suffered to break her so much she became as fragile as glass?
@arnelli Don't worry, its a good thing. maybe slightly angsty, but good. ^^
@arnelli Yeah, Krystal's having some struggles, but don't worry, it'll get bettter. i has plans. ;)
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