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Even though Fallout 4 has been released and it's the game to be playing if you're playing a Fallout title, that doesn't mean that there aren't people out there who are diehard Fallout: New Vegas fans. Surprise, I'm actually one of those diehard fans. I've always thought Obsidian's New Vegas title was a lot better than the numbered sequel (and at times, I find myself missing things that were in New Vegas while I play Fallout 4).
All that being said, the modding community for New Vegas is still alive and well and it looks like their latest mod project is to add multiplayer to the single-player RPG. It's something that my friends and I always talked about and thought about how it could work and how awesome it would be if we could complete quests together instead of just, you know, getting drunk and wishing it was a thing that existed.
In the video above, you can see a very early (VERY EARLY) example of having multiple players in one space in the New Vegas. It isn't really all that cool to watch -- I skimmed through it -- but it's interesting to see how the players interact with each other. There's a little bit of PvP combat (not something I want in a FO game, I'm more interested in the co-op aspect) but it's still cool to see in action.
Conceptually, having a multiplayer Fallout game -- or a strictly co-op Fallout game -- is something new that could be added to the series. I know that isolation is a big theme in these games and exploring on your own, but it'd be cool to have a real-life person as a companion instead of an NPC.
In this video, again I suggest you skim through it or just read my description, you can see how they got the inventory to sync with other players in the same space. Basically, if you were to play New Vegas online with this mod, you'll be able to change your various outfits/guns/etc. in real time to show to your friends. It sounds like it's a small little feature but in most MMOs this is something that is just expected to be in there. I think it's awesome to see how detailed the modders are going with it.
Even though this is still in its very early stages, I hope that it gets some traction and Obsidian or Bethesda consider adding a co-op multiplayer component to the game. Of course it would probably ruin the way VATS worked but with a human-controlled companion by your side, I doubt you'd need to use that anyway.
What do you guys think? Would you be interested in playing a Fallout title with friends? Or would that ruin the game for you? Hash it out in the comments or send me a message or you know, just keep it to yourself and talk about it with your friends. Either option is fine.
I don't know if you know this but there was supposed to be a fallout online game like 5 years ago made by interplay but they canceled it. I signed up to play the alpha a long time ago and I'm still hopelessly waiting for it :(
@hhead232 I hate when that happens. I hadn't heard of it but part of me will forever hold on to hope for Starcraft:Ghost
It's almost like they're getting close to a Fallout-stlyed MMO with this kind of stuff