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Under the new Bulls regime led by new head coach Fred Hoiberg, Joakim Noah has been an afterthought on the roster.
Once an all-star caliber player, Noah has been slotted in a reserve role this year. To make matters worse, Noah recently injured his shoulder in a contract season.
Everyone assumed this was the end of the Noah era in Chicago, but it seems as if Joakim is open to returning next year.
Noah, who will become an unrestricted free agent this summer, spoke to the media for the first time since having season-ending shoulder surgery recently. When asked if his goal was to still play for the Bulls next year, Noah answered quickly, "I hope so."
"Right now I'm not trying to focus on the future. I just had season-ending surgery last week. But this is all I know. So I'm looking forward to see what the guys are doing, and right now it's just all about taking a step back and just focusing on getting healthy, and then we'll go from there."
Noah has been the backbone of the Bulls alongside Derrick Rose for the past five years. He anchored one of the best defensive units in the NBA under coach Tibodeaux. Offensively, Noah was no slouch either. He was one of the better passing big men in the NBA for quite some time and has shot a solid fg percentage as well each year.
With that being said, the team has bought in new coaching and under coach Hoiberg, Noah has been lost in the rotation. He has opted to not play Pau and Noah together for stretches this year. If he were to return to the Bulls, it would probably be a bench role. With that being said, he could be a starter on over half the teams in the league.

Should Joakim Noah Re-Sign With The Chicago Bulls?

if Tom Thibodeau gets signed by the Nets...I'd like to see him as a Net...with him doing the dirty work. Brook Lopez will beast offensively!
Nah.....I think it's the end for him and the Bulls after this season is over. Sucks he was injured though....
I really hope he stays in Chicago but I'm not too sure he will.