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While the Nationals underachieved greatly last year, you can't deny the fact that they are loaded with talent.
The team has done a great job drafting the right guys and acquiring the right players free agency. This upcoming season should be the year the Nats turn the corner and become a dominant force in the NL for years to come, but their could be one thing stopping this from happening: The New York Yankees.
Rumor has it that when Bryce becomes a free agent, the Yankees will make a substantial offer to get him to come to New York.
Harper, 23, was the best player in baseball last year, and now he's just three years away from free agency.
If the Nationals have any hope of signing Harper long-term and keeping him a National for life, they are going to have to be aggressive. They would have to be willing to make him the highest-paid player in baseball history, with the longest term and highest dollar amount we've ever seen. ESPN projected that his salary on his next contract would be something around: 14 years for $407 million (average annual value: $29-plus million).
The Yankees have the market and money to shell out that type of cash. Do you think Washington is ready to cut a 400 million dollar check on Harper?

Will Bryce Harper Leave The Nationals For Yankees, or re-sign with the Nationals?

If he goes, hate will be a weak word for it.
I would love to see Harper with the Yankees. He def has the star power to become the face of a club like the Yankees!