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*** This is part 4, please see my previous cards for parts 1 - 3 ***
I walked hesitantly over to room 314, taking a deep breath before I knocked on the door. I could hear people talking inside but couldn’t tell what they were saying. I heard the sound of the door unlocking and then it flew open.
Do you know when you’ve been dreaming and everything seemed reasonable and normal and real and then there’s that moment when something so absurd, so absolutely impossible happens that even though you’re still dreaming you say to yourself, this is a dream, I’m in a dream? That moment when suddenly everything that seemed normal and reasonable becomes clearly not real? That was exactly what happened when I was standing there in that hotel hallway except that it wasn’t a dream and I wasn’t going to wake up any minute.
When that door flew open it left me suddenly face-to-face with a freshly-showered Park Chanyeol who was wearing nothing but a plush white hotel bathrobe, his childish mess of still-damp hair sticking up in all directions. He had been laughing when he opened the door but he quickly fell silent and stared, mouth open, at me and I stood there staring right back. We wore matching expressions of confusion. I’m not sure that panic adequately describes the feeling that pulsed through me but it’s a start. After an awkward moment of this, several voices called inquisitively from inside the room in words I did not understand, and soon after more members of EXO appeared on either side of Chanyeol, crowing the doorway. Now I was being stared at by Baekhyun, Chen, and D.O., as well, and I heard Xiumin’s voice behind them.
Please don’t pass out, I thought to myself, just don’t faint. This was a disaster. I needed to say something, say anything, but my voice wouldn’t work. Finally I managed to squeak “room key” but they all just kept staring. They didn’t know what I meant. “Key card,” I tried again, realizing almost as I said the words that those wouldn’t help either. Chanyeol made a disapproving noise and Baekhyun laughed. Almost in unison they all backed up and one of them slammed the door shut. The panic still had me in its vicious grip and now I was on the edge of tears. I turned and started back toward room 304 at almost a run. Grazing the shoulder of an oncoming Kai and passing Suho and Mr. Sunglasses from earlier, whom I now realized must be Sehun, I dashed down the hall.
Upon reaching 304, I turned my back to the door and slid down onto the floor beside my suitcase. I sat there breathing slowly and deliberately before deciding what to do. I called Cassie.
“Beth! How’s the hotel, is the room nice? I’m still stuck in line. It took forever to find a place to park and I swear half the city must be picking up takeout here tonight,” Cassie said before I could get one word out.
“Cassie,” I started slowly, “I haven’t gotten into the room yet. I have the wrong key-card and I think I’ve just offended all of EXO, and now I’m sitting in the hall and I don’t know what to do.”
“What on earth are you talking about? You’re not making any sense. If you have the wrong key card just go down to the desk and get the right one.”
“I think I had better wait for you,” I said quietly, “before I somehow manage to make things worse.”
“Suit yourself. Are you feeling alright? Hey, do you want tea or soda.”
“Tea please, unsweetened. Bye, Cass. Hurry please.”