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A week ago (or so) I wrote a card about Helldivers. It was a wonderful call-to-arms that no one answered (I don't blame you). But listen up, cadets! I've got some great news for you. If you have PS Plus (the Playstation subscription service that allows you to play games online, with say, me) you'll be able to get Helldivers FOR FREE.
Let me repeat that.

Helldivers will be free during the month of February.

I'm not the type to try and shill games to you people. I'm going to be honest here. Let's take away all the fun and personality from my life. Let's stop pretend we're robots trying to defend Earth or eat strawberries or whatever it is humans like doing, okay?
I want to play games with you guys. Specifically, this game. It's fun, I paid for it. I thought it was worth the money I don't have but you know what, I don't blame you guys for not spending your hard earned woolongs on a silly little PSN title (DID I MENTION IT'S A CROSS BUY SO IT'S FOR PS4/PS3/PS VITA??). I get it. But now...



I'm not going to pretend like you guys are going to download this game next month and play video games with me. But I will hope and pray that you do. It's a wonderful twin-stick shooter that's satirically funny and also shooting giant alien bug things. It strangely reminds me of Starship Troopers.
So, I'm calling on all you beautiful people again. Will you join the fight with me? (If you don't I'm not really going to be mad at you)
@SAMURXAI it depends on how long you want ps plus for. it's kind of weird though cause if your subscription ends you lose access to the free game
@SAMURXAI yeah? that's awesome let me know if you do
I don't subscribe (I have vita and ps3, and I can play online for free on those.) but I'll think about picking it up just for you @paulisadroid
if it's free it's for me
Doesn't seem like my kind of game but I'd be willing to try it for free
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