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*knock knock knock*

I ran to the door and opened it. Namjoon quickly ran inside and slammed the door shut. "There are some girls following me." "Why do you say that?" "When I got out of the taxi there were a few girls walking by. I didn't have my hood up. They squealed and whispered something and I just walked into the building. I didn't want them knowing which floor I was going to so I rode the elevator up to the 20th floor and got off." He stopped to take a deep breath. "So why would you think they'd find you if you got off on the 20th floor?" I walked to the kitchen and grabbed him a glass of water. "Well I figured I'd walk up the last 10 floors. As I was a few feet from the door the elevator dinged. I glanced back and it was several girls. They saw me. I ran up those ten floors as fast as I could. I don't know how close they were when I ran out of the stairs but thankfully your door wasn't too far from the stairs and you answered quickly." Just then we heard someone running down the hall. "I got this." I said I went and opened my door and stepped out. There were 4 girls looking around. "Girls why are you running around?" "Rap Monster is in the building? Have you seen him?" One girl said. "Who's Rap Monster?" I said "You don't know who he is?" "Nope. I haven't heard anyone on this floor maybe who ever your looking for was on a different floor." "Dude she has to live under a rock if she has no clue about Rap Monster." One girl whispered a little too loud. "Let's go he's not on this floor. Maybe one of the others found him." Then they took off towards the stairs. I shut the door and walked back to the kitchen. "They're gone." "Awesome" He went and sat on the couch. After he got comfortable I sat next to him. "So what happened with V?" He asked "Um..."


"Don't tell anyone about this ok?" "Why can't you tell the guys this?" I asked "Because they would make fun of me for trying so hard to get this girl...I really like her and I'm sure she likes me.. ... I mean when I say things like I know she likes me she always says yea right. She's just hiding her feelings." "Ok ok I won't tell anyone. Man your really into this girl." "Yea....I think about her alot. She has the prettiest smile...and the biggest heart...." "Ha ok V don't spill it all to me. I'll talk to you later." "Ok...see ya"


"Nothing really. He just had to get something off his chest." "Was it a confession?" I looked away. It was a confession just not the kind he was thinking. "I'll take that as a yes. What did you tell him." "I said....." If I said that I said yes then he'd think we're dating. When that's not it. I don't want him thinking were dating. Wait why does it matter he only sees me as a friend. "(Y/n)" "I said yes." "Oh really?" "Yea. Was that all you needed to talk about?" I asked finally looking him in the face. He had this look on his face like he had been betrayed. I wanted to fix it but I didn't know why he had that look. "Yea I was wondering if he really was going to do it." He started getting up. "Do you want to watch a movie with me?" "I should probably..." I cut him off "Please namjoon....I saved your butt you should repay me, your friend with watching a movie with me." He thought for a second then sat back down. " Ok fine." "Awesome!" I got up and put in a movie then sat right next to Namjoon again. We sat there and waited for the movie to start. I was actually really tired and wanted to sleep but I wanted to spend a little more time with him. After about ten minutes of the movie I rested my head on Namjoons shoulder. After a few minutes my eyes started to close and then I was out.


I was pissed. V knew how I felt for (y/n) and he still asked her out. Now I really am stuck in the friend zone. When she laid her head on my shoulder I forgot everything. I just saw this beautiful woman laying next to me. My heart started to race. I stayed still not trying to make it obvious what she was doing to me. I made it through the whole movie and then I looked down and saw she was sleeping. I took the chance to say what I wanted. "(Y/n) I don't want to be just friends....I want more....I screwed up and now I can't fix it." "It's ok" She whispered....crap was she up? "What's ok?" She didn't answer I continued talking since she wasn't actually up. "I want to beat V up for taking my chance away. I'm so sorry I messed everything up." I leaned in and kissed her forehead. "I love you." She whispered. It wasn't meant for me and that hurt like hell.


×××××××× "I love you (y/n) I don't like that your with V." "But you said we were just friends" "I know and I screwed up and I..." Namjoon started getting teary eyed. "It's ok." I touched his face. We looked at each other for a bit. I wanted to kiss him so much so he knew my feelings. "I want to beat V up.... he took my chances away.." I quickly shut him up with a kiss. "I love you! Not v." "Then why are you with him?" "To help him. We aren't really dating." He smiled then kissed me. ××××××××× I opened my eyes to see what time it was. In front of me was some couch? As I tried to shift I realized there was weight on my body. I glanced up and saw Namjoons face just a little above mine. I blushed. I wish that dream would become a reality. I had fallen asleep on him and we somehow ended up cuddling on the couch. I instantly decided against moving and didn't care about the time anymore. I was taking the chance of doing something I wanted with namjoon. I pulled my body closer to him and put my arm around him. I was going to remember this forever... I just wish he wouldn't have said anything about being just friends....then I'd feel like this was leading up to something amazing. I fell back asleep. The next time I woke up there was light coming into the room. I looked up to see namjoon looking at me. I smiled. "Good morning." "Good morning beautiful." He kissed my forehead. I snuggled into him a little more. "Sorry I fell asleep on you." "It's fine." Then at that Moment my phone went off. I grabbed it from my pocket. It was V. I answered it. While staying cuddled into namjoon. "Hello" "(Y/n) I have a few questions for you first of all want to go on a date today?" "Sure is it a surprise?" "Yup. And now the 2nd question. Have you heard from namjoon? He didn't come home last night." " Oh he's here at my place." "What?" "We were watching a movie and we fell asleep." "Oh so that's how it is...." "V be quiet. I'll tell him to call you ok." "No we're fine we just needed to find him to make sure he was alive." "Ok bye" "What..... wh.." I hung up the phone. Namjoon tried to get up. "No don't move...I wanna lay here a little longer. Your comfy." "I'm sorry I shouldn't have kissed can do all these things with V he is your boyfriend." "Namjoon am I not allowed to do this with friends?" "I don't know....this feels more like things a couple does." Was he right? Was this only something you should do with a boyfriend? I rolled over so I was hovering over him. "No namjoon. Friends can cuddle and kiss each other on the forehead....friends can even love each other's company. What friends can't do, that they only do with someone they love or are dating is kiss...." I touched his lips with my finger. "Here....and" I started trailing my finger down his chest. "Here as well as even farther down. And make love or have sex. Which ever you prefer to call it." I smirked He then sat up and our faces became very close. "A friend should not do a man." "Do what?" "Even if we are friends I am a man and things like that turn me on." "Oh really?" I smirked "can friends do this?" I bit his ear to see how he'd react. "Nno they need to go." He said pushing me away. He ran to the door and said a quick bye then was gone. Well I knew that wasn't going to work. Even if I hoped it would have made him change his mind about being only friends it wasn't going to work. I quickly sent a message to him. Me: I'm sorry namjoon I was just messing with you. Namjoon: It's ok. I then got up and got ready for the date with V. After about an hour V called and said he would be on his way. I went and waited outside for him. When he pulled up I ran to the car and hopped in. "So where are we going?" "An arcade she works at." "Ok so what are we doing exactly?" "Just pretend your on a real first date with me ok." " Well that won't be hard." "But I should tell you Namjoon knows we are going to the arcade together." He said looking at the road "Yea he thinks were dating." "Oh well this is going to be very fun for the both of us then." He started laughing. "Why....Namjoon is just a friend." "If you say so." This date was actually really fun. And the girl he has his eye on she is really beautiful. Her skin is flawless I was a little jealous of her. She came over and talked to us when we first got there. Then did the acting begin. I swear if I hadn't like Namjoon I could see me falling for V. Even if he was younger he knew how to have fun and act childish but could be really serious. We were playing a game and I was dying. I just couldn't get it down. He stood behind me and put his arms around me and put his hand on mine. "Alright you do this." He said moving my hand with his to move the character. "Then you hit this button to kill them" He again pushed my fingers with his to make me do it. After a few times he finally let me try on my own and I beat the level on my own. I was so happy that I jumped and hugged him. He laughed with me. "Your so cute." "Thank you for helping me." "No problem." He then took my hand and led me to another game. We played at many. I would randomly get a glimpse of the girl V was trying to get. She would always look away when I saw her. But there was someone else I noticed hiding behind a game. I don't think he knew I saw him but Namjoon was there as we're the other guys....minus Jin and Jungkook. I bet they were off playing. "Hey V I think we have some watchers." He glanced behind me and saw namjoon duck behind the game. "Well let's have some fun with this one." He smiled and pulled me close to him. Our faces were just a few inches apart. My face started to turn red and he kissed my cheek. And whispered in my ear. "I'm going to kiss you on the lips by the end of the night so be prepared." This made me blush even more. He then put his arm around my waist and we walked to the concession stand to get some snacks. While we were eating we were really getting to know each other and I liked that. He was being goofy as usual when he saw the dancing game we took off running to it. We played a few rounds and then stopped. "I'm going to die if I play anymore." "Alright do you wanna end the date? Or go do something else?" He asked getting close to me again. "Um...depends on what's next?" I looked at him and he put his hand on my cheek. "I have one place I'd love to take you." His face got closer to mine. I knew this was the time he was going to kiss me. I got ready for it. His lips were right about to touch mine. "Im not really going to kiss you. Im just making it look like I am." then we heard something fall. "You broke the machine!!!" The girl said to whoever had broken it our lips were still a tiny bit apart and he smiled. "Namjoon just had to break something." we seperated and decided now was the good time to leave. He said goodbye to the girl and we left. we ignored the guys as we walked by. They were trying to hide so it wasn't hard to ignore them.
There ya go! A nice long chapter. I didn't even know when to end it but I had too. It was so sad. Buuuut there is more to come so wait for it!
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"You broke the machine!!" Hahaha! priceless!
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@AvisSpirit I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!