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It gets hard! Try not to use Google! Every answer must start with the first letter of your name. Name - Cheyenne Animal - Chinila Boys Name- Cody Girls Name- Charlotte Color- coal Movie- Commitment Something you wear- Coat Drink- coke Food- cucumber Something found in bathroom- comb Place- China Reason to be late- Cab Now, pick two kpop groups and a rapper Ultimate Biasin the first group, in the second group the maknae, and then a rapper. Name - Taecyeon Animal - turtle Boys Name- Thrain Girls Name- Taylor Color- Tan Movie- The Man from Nowhere Something you wear- tank top Drink- tequila Food- tacos Something found in bathroom- toilet.... ew Place- Thailand Reason to be late- train Maknae Got7 Name - Yu Gyeom Animal - yak Boys Name- Yale Girls Name- Yvette Color- yellow Movie- Year of the Dog Something you wear- yamika Drink- yellow parrot cocktail Food- yellow squash Something found in bathroom- YOUR tooth brush... idk Place- Yemen Reason to be late- you fell..... idk A rapper: Epik High Tablo (Lee Seon Woong) Name - Woong Animal - walrus Boys Name- Walker Girls Name- Whitney Color- White Movie- Where the Heart is Something you wear- White sweater Drink- White russian Food- wild rice Something found in bathroom- wide cabinets... Place- White House Reason to be late- Walker (as in zombie from The Walking Dead...) Get creative and try not to use Google but if you Have to then o.k. Tag peeps! Your turn! @B1A4BTS5ever @KpopGaby @VeronicaArtino @amandamuska
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this sounds fun and hard lol