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Ugh. Why is this so true it hurts?
Especially that last one. I have blocked every single one of my ex-boyfriends on Facebook and I feel super great about it.
Here comes the cry-bulance.... We need 10 rolls of tissue ASAP. Let's close that wound with ice cream. Gotta keep the body fueled, feed it with chocolate. (kids please don't try this. In case of real emergency, call 911) But yes, breakup hurts. The more it hurts on the individual the more that relationship means to them. Life is not perfect, most people will come across these "bumps". Figuratively speaking, two puzzle pieces come together, get connected, and glued together. Breakup causes a tear on both pieces. At the end of it each pieces would lose a part of their original puzzle piece, but they also gain a part of the other puzzle piece.
haaaaa so true I wanna cry btw I don't know why girls think breaking up is easier on us guys but that wrong we do have painful time and cry about that s**t too
That last one is too real...
BUT ACTUALLY THO @danidee @MajahnNelson @nicolejb
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