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A couple of days ago I was having a conversation with a housemate about picking up Star Wars: Battlefront. They ended up picking it up on release mainly because Star Wars is totally awesome and we both have an obsession with being X-Wing/TIE Fighter pilots. But after a couple of weeks with it, they put it down because it's basically, well, the Diet Coke version of a multiplayer game.
By that I mean, there isn't much to do in it other than level up your online character. There aren't enough maps and only a couple of the modes are fun. Of course I mean that subjectively, so I might like flying around in spaceships while you love that kill the hero mode. When I thought about picking it up last week, I decided against it because I'm not really convinced it's worth the retail price of 60 dollars.
And when you add in the 50 dollar Season Pass, the full experience of this game will cost you over 100 bucks. Sure, I'm all for Season Passes for DLC (I've purchased some before) but when the new additions are as underwhelming as this, I still don't feel convinced that I should purchase the game at full price and the Season Pass.
Recently, EA outlined what will be included in their Season Pass:
And out of all of these packs, the only one I'm interested in is the Death Star expansion. Mostly because I have no idea how it'll be implemented and part of me wishes we could recreate the trench run from A New Hope. So if I were EVER to buy this game (and this isn't one of those Rainbow Six: Siege debacles), a couple of things would have to fall into place.

-- The game would HAVE to be on sale for 30 dollars or less.

-- It would have to be after the Fall 2016.

The first one because I can't really justify spending 60 dollars on a game that doesn't have enough content to keep me engaged. And the second one because I really want to see what the Death Star maps are about. But even then, I could probably find a YouTube video just to see everything.
What do you all think? Have you spent full retail price on mainly multiplayer experiences? Or do you have Battlefront? Are you enjoying it? Or is it just not enough?
I usually don't go for games based off of stories or movies that I'm a big fan of... I find that they often fail to capture what I really love about them... and more often then not... they are boring and only made it because they knew the name would sell it...
not one of those rainbow sic debacles he says.
its whatevs
I don't have a PS4 yet, but my boyfriend and I have been interested in playing this. Although, after hearing that it's not as awesome as it looks, we might pass on it, or just wait until we can pick it up used, for cheap. I don't buy DLCs. I just can't justify spending more money for content after spending so much on a game, especially if the game should have more included for the price. @MaighdlinS I agree with you completely. Although I wasn't really a Star Wars fan until my boyfriend made sure I was, the games seem really disappointing when compared to the movies.