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Advice Mallard sometimes gets a bad rap. Sure, maybe he is a little overused on Reddit, and maybe he doesn't always give the best advice. But sometimes, that duck is SPOT. ON.
Here are 6 times Advice Mallard won at relationships advice. Heed his words, and you will be happy and fruitful and bear many sons. Or... you know, be successful in love and stuff.
Also, see above for how I'm winning all future arguments with my boyfriend.
The myth of the friend zone DESTROYED. *Death Star explodes in the background.* Skidoosh.
Or, if you want to be a tad less heteronormative about it, "Spend less time looking for the perfect partner and more time becoming the perfect partner."
I definitely believe that you should become the type of person you want to attract. It only makes sense.
SO. DARN. TRUE. You're not respect them and you're not respecting yourself! Do the right thing, even if it's the hard thing.
Again, not reeeally appreciating the gendering here, but listen: more communication is always better than less. And if he (or she) doesn't appreciate that, then they can GET OUT.
Communicate your needs to your partner. It's the mature thing to do. And you'll probably feel way better afterwards, too!
THIS IS ONE OF HOLLYWOOD'S BIGGEST CRIMES (I say "one of," because, you know, racism). They teach us that finding that perfect person and falling in love with them will fix us and heal us and turn us into perfect little happily-ever-after love robots. Not true, my friends.
If you can't be happy as a single person, how on earth are you going to be happy once you add another human's worth of problems, insecurities, and stresses? Yeah, you're not. Get whole and happy. THEN get into a relationship (preferably with another whole, happy person).

And that's your dose of Advice Mallard for the day, ladies and gents!

Do you agree? Disagree? Quack at me below. (Sorry, had to get at least one duck pun in there!)
Well I'm happy single can I be in a relationship yet馃槀
Hahaha agreed @petname83!! He'd certainly be giving better advice than they're currently offering... Lol XD
My thing is just that I don't think people get "friendzoned." It's actually kind of controversial term these days. Either you have a romantic connection with someone, or you don't. I guess you could call that being in the friendzone, but really it's just a girl not feeling the same way... and that's allowed. We can't control how people feel towards us, sadly @ebethoven. I know it sucks and hurts tho and I'm sorry you had to got through that part... I definitely know how much that sucks :(
that is one wise waterfowl. he should work for Cosmo
Lol what that's it ..I've been friendzoned before and there was this one time I just got up and said you know what "fak yo " and never speak to her again because I wanted to be more than friends and I also hated it when she keep telling me you're like my brother 馃槨馃槨馃槩 @AlloBaber @AlloBaber
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