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I'm sure you're all tired of hearing it by now XD

Originally, Marvel had planned on doing a Black Widow solo movie first- yup, before Iron Man. They ended up canceling those plans because Aeon Flux, Elektra, and Ultraviolet were all female-led action movies and they... tanked. And the studio attributed it to the fact that women were the protagonists (not the confusing plots or less-than-thrilling storylines). And to this day, I'm one very cranky fan, lamenting the movie that never was.
@DavidFPuhala what's weird is that girls have been nerds for ever! Just look at the Trek fandom. The impression I get from older fans is that they were basically kicked out or pressured not to be open about what they liked. And film producers didn't realize that so they didn't bother to market to women. @peahyr right? They're not my favorite movies but they were fun. Green Lantern bombed. Spider-Man 2 bombed. Batman & Robin bombed. The '03 Hulk bombed. Nobody turned around and said that male heroes are the kiss of death for cinema success
Just another way to bring down us ladies
That's really funny since I loved all of those movies. When I say funny I don't mean funny. I've wanted a Black Widow movie for so long and they didn't make one because great movies were what? Awesome? Women being super duper cool?
I agree with you there. The age old excuse to blame women needs to die especially when they aren't the ones leading the whole thing. 馃槖
@DavidFPuhala haha that's awesome! My dad used to read The Hobbit to me, totally passed down the nerd gene
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