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*** This is part 5, please see my previous cards for parts 1 - 4 ***
I sat with my legs pulled up to my chest and tried not to think about anything at all while I stared at the wall opposite me. I stayed like that for a while and almost forgot where I was.
I felt something; someone tentatively tapped me on the shoulder once, twice. I looked up. There stood Suho, flanked by Xuimin and Kai. “Key card,” he said, carefully forming the sounds. He held a packet with two key cards in it in front of him and smiled at me kindly. I fished 314’s out of my pocket and handed them to him, but he didn’t hand me the keys to 304. Instead, Kai stepped forward and grabbed my hand, helping me to my feet, Xiumin took my suitcase, and Suho opened the door to 304 for me. They walked me inside and only then did Suho press the key cards for 304 into my hand. Suho said something in Korean and then shook his head as recognition did not register on my face. He thought for a moment and finally settled on patting the key cards in his hand, patting my hand which was still holding my key cards, and simply saying “sorry” in an uncertain voice.
Suho nodded decisively at me once and then retreated into the hall followed by Kai, who also nodded as he left, and Xiumin, who raised his eyebrows at me playfully, made a cute face for just a fraction of a second, and then smiled and waved slightly before slipping out and closing the door.
Still in a state of disbelief, I kicked off my shoes and threw myself onto one of the two queen beds in the room. So this is what you get when you stay in a $250/night hotel: two queen beds, an in-room coffee maker, a mini-fridge, a microwave, a hair-dryer that looks brand new, and the completely surreal experience of being knocked down in a hallway by Sehun, being stared at by half of EXO, and then being escorted into your room by a trio of EXO members. It was worth every penny. Finally feeling like myself again, I jumped up and down on the bed like a little kid and squealed with delight, hopefully not loudly enough to be heard down the hall in room 314.
It was as I was bouncing on the bed that I heard Cassie’s voice call out “room service” in a fake, nonsensical accent outside the door. I hopped down and went to let her in.
She took one look at my disheveled appearance and blushing face and laughed.
“My goodness, you’re this excited and the concert isn’t even until tomorrow? What have you even been doing all this time, anyway? You made no sense whatsoever on the phone.”
I took the bag of food from her and sat it on a table in the corner of the room as she brought in her suitcase and the drinks.
“I was doing exactly what I said on the phone,” I began trying to explain, “first I bumped into Sehun only I didn’t know it was Sehun and he gave me the wrong keys, and then I knocked on EXO’s door but I didn’t know it was their door and they kept staring and I kept staring and I couldn’t make them understand what I wanted, and then I ran past Kai and Suho and Sehun, and then Suho brought me the keys and Kai helped me up and Xiumin brought my suitcase in, and Suho actually said sorry and then Xiumin raised his eyebrows at me on the way out. Since then I’ve just been jumping on the bed.”
“Do you have a fever? Let me check,” Cassie demanded, grabbing my shoulder and placing the back of her hand against my forehead. “Nope. You must just be too excited. I think next time we go on a roadtrip for a concert we’d better not split up at all. You’re worrying me a bit, Beth. Maybe you’ll feel better after you eat something.”
“You really don’t believe me, do you? Of course you don’t. I must sound insane.”
As we ate, we planned the rest of the night and the next day.
“We should sleep early,” Cassie said.
“That’s easy for you to say. I may never sleep again.”
“Oh, did I tell you? When I was in line at the restaurant I saw a guy who looked like Chanyeol.”
“It wasn’t Chanyeol. What was he wearing?”
“Of course it wasn’t really him, I couldn’t get that lucky. He was wearing a coat and baseball cap. He really only looked like Chanyeol from behind.”
“Yes, and the real Chanyeol was only wearing a bathrobe.” I began to giggle uncontrollably.
“Maybe you’ve had a little too much caffeine today,” Cassie concluded, giving me a funny look.
The idea of standing out in the hall hoping to catch another glimpse of EXO was extremely tempting but I forced myself not to do it. Every time I almost caved, I remembered Suho’s apology and the little face Xiumin made at me and Kai’s firm grip and kind smile as he helped me up. They were people, not just idols, and they deserved their privacy. Cassie and I flipped through channels on the hotel TV until we found a movie that we both liked and then played Go Fish for a while (somehow, this was the most sophisticated card game that she had the patience to learn), and got ready for bed much earlier than I would have at home. Cassie took the bed nearest the window and took the one I’d been jumping on earlier. I thought I’d never fall asleep due to all the excitement but as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.
@fallchild I won't I just read it but now you just gave me a idea .. I've been trying to think of a fanfiction all week and you may have just helped me
@JaiiPanda there is only one more card after this one. Please don't throw your phone.
I don't know why but when I read fanfics I get impatient 😭😭😭 he last one I read I actually got upset and had the sudden urge to throw my phone when it ended