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@EmilyPeacock OMG!! YAY!! THAT'S ONLY 7 YEARS! MUAHAHAHA!! Idek why I am so excited right now...I'll never meet him anyways!! Puahaha!! (still happy tho)
2 years ago·Reply
HAHAHAHHAHA he's my first bias EVER and i still love him ot death
2 years ago·Reply
Its okay almost all k-pop fans suffer from age difference syndrome.me too jaejoong and yesung are both older than me.
2 years ago·Reply
(/´Д`)/ i know the feeeeell im 15 so thats like a lot age difference ㅠㅠ
2 years ago·Reply
Only 2 years younger than me!! 😍 JaeJoong come to Noona!! 😘😘
2 years ago·Reply