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I have the reversed problem. I am 30, but I love GOT7 and BTS. I feel better with my BigBang fangirling. TOP is only 2 years younger than me. ^u^
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@Isolate @krin @KarlythePanda66 @angiey0222 let's all be happy there really still is a chance ish
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dude im fifteen and this is how i feel to almost all of the kpop arists i listen to that i like xD
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@DestinaByrd yo if you get v, introduce me to his boy jhope ;) *nudge nudge* help a girl out xD lol jk @TerraToyaSi
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@DestinaByrd Being 20 is still 10years younger than me. -_- You are only 5 years younger than him. Go go marry him....... I guess.(Invite all of Vingle to wedding.)
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