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Vid+Trans] 050813 JYJ LINE : YooSu audio message JS: Everyone please on an outing. YC: To where? To where? JS: Han River is nice? YC: Can't it be in the middle of that? (This one is unclear) JS: Aren't the cherry blossoms in full blossom right now? YC: All the cherry blossoms have fallen off. JS: They've all fallen off? Then go somewhere that still has cherry blossoms left or a place that is just empty. YC: How have you been recently? JS: My state recently... the earth.. YC: Yes yes yes JS: It rotates YC: Oh~ JS: The earth.. YC: Rotates JS: It rotates.. without any change in the last tens of thousands of years... it rotates. My life too.. YC: is frustrating right? JS: It's been rotating for 28 years. Frustrating no~ Rotating YC: Siege warfare. JS: Rotation is nice and sweet potato pancakes are nice and potato pancakes are nice too. (T/N: Junsu is making a pun with the word -jeon here. Rotation and the two pancakes all end with -jeon) YC: I'm really gonna throw you JS: Euhaha~~ Recently Micky-ssi is.. YC: What's Micky-ssi? hahaha It's been a long time since I've heard this Micky-ssi. JS: Your image today makes me want to say Micky. YC: It's always Micky Micky in games, is it not? JS: You game? Please quit gaming. YC: Excuse me... don't we play together? /YooSu laughing/ JS: I...that...Yes...that's right. YC: Ahhh what? JS: Micky seems foolish. /YooSu laughing/ Today everyone..and ah do you guys know? The you think we can see behind the the moon? We've never seen it..humans. YC: That's right JS: Why is that so? YC: We can't see it. JS: What's the reason? YC: The moon doesn't move. JS: The earth turns but the moon only shows us one place right? YC: Yes JS: Just like that, we will (show you) one place only.. YC: What are you talking about? We'll only show one place? JS: Ah is it weird? Ah everyone..Ah.. YC: Ah you mean always consistent... JS: That's right that's right. YC: You wanted to say that we will only show them a consistent image of us working hard, right? JS: Yes, I wanted to say that we will show you a consistent image and not a changed one. YC: Ah such a deep meaning JS: What does our solar system consist of? /laughing/ YC: What's wrong with this kid? What's wrong with this kid today? JS: Ah this kid likes geography (T/N: Literally, Junsu said 'I like the study of the earth') YC: Ah really? JS: Do you think there are aliens? YC: Yes I think there are JS: Why? YC: I think it's such a waste of space if it's only us who live on Earth JS: Of course it's just us who live on Earth... The universe... YC: I think it's a huge waste of space if it's only us who live in the universe. JS: Aren't these lines from a movie? YC: Yes the movie 'Contact' JS: Ah yeah, that one. YC: You watched it with amusement right? JS: It was very interesting so at that time, when I was young, I was very deep. However, I don't think there are aliens.