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The not-quite-a-person, probably-not-entirely-a-droid moderator of the Video Games community, @paulisadroid put up this card the other day about how for him, playing some kind of bouncy, sweaty man simulator is his way of cleansing his 'gaming palate'. He also apparently likes animated animals.
No hate, just weird, robot-homie.
Anyway, the droidmen makes a good point. Sometimes you just need a palate cleanse in between bouts of heavier games, games that have a way of sapping you mentally/emotionally.
I know I need a good palate cleanse now and then. I play a lot of narrative-heavy games like Fallout or The Last of Us. Games that are primarily single-player experiences. I do love multiplayer, but I'd have to favor the single player titles more. Games like Shadow of the Colossus.
But these single player titles can be emotionally wearying. I've beaten The Last of Us three times now, and still it leaves me feeling so hollow by the end, like I've just finished some epic emotional journey. Because that's exactly what playing that game is.
So when I need to unwind, I play good ol' League. It's a far lower impact than the heavy titles, though still emotional in some regards. I play with my close friends a lot, which is fun and cool, but I am terrible at it, so it can also be super frustrating.
Then I have games where I go 7/1 as Zed before 20 and it's the sweetest thing in the world.
That's the thing with playing League. It's kind of a mixed bag, especially at my low elo/rank. When everyone you play with in the solo queue is basically as bad as you are, when you're marginally less bad, you do super well.
I play a lot of bruisers or assassins, so either way I feel great when I get the kills in. With every game (more or less) I come back to being ready again for a bigger narrative. Plus, even just killing time with a few hours on LoL can be relief on a shitty day.
League has the best of times with friends and the worst of times with trolls and losing, yet it comes me coming back to it everyday so i guess it's doing something right. We making Team Vingle?
league is the only game that keeps me interested.Maybe due to the amazing amount of team work it takes to become a great team! if anyone ever wants to play I'm always down.
@OctoberHymns I know! I got so hyped for that rework. but he's prbably at the bottom of the priority list with Yorick
No probs man. I work until 9 so it'll be around 10 Colorado time when I can log on
@OctoberHymns word, I feel that. it works in tandem that way. also, sorry for not playing last night, I got wrapped up in cooking dinner. i'll probably be on tn if you wanna play
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