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Hey all! I'm challenging the Love Relationship community to share their favorite love quotes in the Community Talk!! This can be a cheesy quote, a quote you made up, or a quote from a movie or book you like! How do you share your fav quote? I'm here to explain! 😍

STEP ONE. Go into the Love and Relationship community. It looks like dis!

STEP TWO. Go into the community talk. I hearted it so you can see where to find it!

STEP THREE. Tap right where it says "what's on your mind?"

STEP FOUR. Write your love quote! Include why you like it and #lovequotes. Feel free to include an image as well!

Final product should look something awesome like this!! (Minus the emoji I added. Lol) Play around, be creative, and HAVE FUN. Can't wait to see what your favorite love quote is!
You did!!! @1FallenAngel looks awesome.
I hope I did it right. lol
The Oracle challenging the mermaid.....
Yay!! Thank you! @nicolejb
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