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I love BTS. I love their songs and enjoy them much in Korean. It's just so.ething cool when you hear their songs in your native language. I thought these videos of Jason Ray gave me a deeper meaning of the sings...yes I would rather have BTS sing it in English but that would unfair of me to demand that.

Tel me what you think....

House of Cards
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Ooh! I've seen that butterfly one before! I love it! More people need to make these I want to see a girl do this I want to hear what that would be like 馃樆 @amobigbang
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I love these!!!!
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I LOOOOVE his cover for House of Cards!! As soon as I sae that he released it, I clicked it faster than ever!!!
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I really like Run!!!
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Why isn't he like YouTube famous 馃槏
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