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I really hope this isn't how my relationship turns out...
No thank you, boy. Let's not go to there.
Speaking of which, my boyfriend is really weird, and says things like, "I can't wait for you to take me for granted."
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Bahahaha @ebethoven I think he's maybe just a little too real... @InPlainSight I hope you're right!! 馃榿
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Good theory @sofetchliz but I swear, I think he's totally serious!!!
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Maybe he's secretly insecure so he hides it with sarcastic comments you know guys never wanna show emotions so they just do weird crap Dx
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@AlloBaber Taking someone for granted means that you put all of your faith in someone and ignore the possibility that there is any reason not to. When you take someone for granted, it's usually because you could never imagine life without them because it just seems so natural to have them at your side.
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