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So Bobby, Donghyuk, and my angel Junhoe performed "It's Love" on Sugarman and it was mind-blowing!!! They killed it...Bobby's rapping was good as always but Junhoe and Donghyuk just sent me to another place with their vocals!!!!!! You could see and feel the passion in their voices!! Awesome performance and song!!!
Here's the lyrical version and it is so beautiful
*Credit to owners*

Maybe this is a hint to a new subgroup besides Double B which would be interesting...What Do You Guys Think??

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My heart pooped itself...
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Signs up, sells soul, goodbye planet.
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Donghyuk literally gives me the heart flutters. Ugh. He has really improved as a vocalist since trainee days.
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@ZionPerezFowler At least you're not alone *points at myself* @baileykayleen I know right..I definitley heard his improvement in this song
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