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To begin with, Hope On The Street is a V app broadcast by our bright and loveble J hope. The point of the broadcast is to show the fans how he practices dancing. *He explains it in more detail* But i wanted to show you guys a few moments that i found adorable/hilarious. ♡♡~

1). When he went from J Hope to Hoseok real quick.

2). Guest appearance by the Golden Maknae!! (Jungkook♡)

3). When casual dancing turned to...

4). When J-hope picked up the shoe just to throw it again.

Thats pretty much it guys haha i (J) hope you liked this card! ♡♡♡~~ *but why do they look like they about to drop the hottest rap album of 2016*
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hahah me too! Im sure he'll be b-boying in no time he is the golden maknae afterall 😂😂 Oh really?! lol he would though! Does he still b-boy? And i think it is the official dance.. i heard they performed it in a recent fan meeting. 😮 @Nikkitty
@VioletaDelRio 😁true he just needs his confidence to kick in, then it's game set. 😂😄I'm so glad you agree, I'm not 100% sure if he still b-boy but i think he would if he's given the opportunity. It would be like a dream come true for Kook since i think he's a fan of Jay. And whaaaaaaaaat!? Dang man, i really gotta go to one of these fan meetings one day 😱
Haha yep! And i almost forgot that Jay was a b-boy before he debuted. 😂He's really good though! 😊 Haha it would be for Kookie! ☺☺ Sameeee but thats like almost impossibe for me. 😣😣 #BrokeFanProblems #InternationalFanProblems Lol. @Nikkitty
@VioletaDelRio 😂it's ok i forget sometimes too until i watch him dance randomly. Yes! Years of practice really does the body's movements good 😄 Of course, he seems like a fast learner. 💀i just hope they'll do a fan meeting in the U.S so there will be a higher chance of going. I feel your pain 😩
Haha yess 😆😆 #DanceLife lololl jk jk i can't dance even for my life 😂😂😂 He really does! Like in other Bts videos he will watch the other members dancing (Jhope mostly) and start following along 😊 Ughh that would be so awesome!! Have you ever been to one ? (any kpop fan meeting)😄😄 @Nikkitty