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Pick your 4!! Think smart or I will through Zombies in this! With the Rage Virus lol. Btw I took out something that I felt was not needed for this, that blank spot I will allow you to pick one person to come with you! @easternshell @MichaelOgg @SamTheMallow @BeannachtOraibh @TylerDurso @danidee @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @BeannachtOraibh @buddyesd @InPlainSight @InVinsybll @paulisadroid @davidpap @poojas @peahyr And the rest of the Vingle community!
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Knife. Boots. Tarp. Rope. My dad. (30+ years in the Army and he loves me more than anyone else. I'm getting home. 💪)
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tarp? what is it?
2 years ago·Reply
@atmi a tarp is a large sheet of canvas, usually with a thin covering of plastic over the canvas that makes it waterproof. Think like the size of a bed sheet or larger. :)
2 years ago·Reply
Rope, tent, raft, iPod, my mom.
2 years ago·Reply
Hiking boots, knife, first aid kit and a pot. I'd bring my dad with me!
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