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I have two biases in Lu:kus and it was love at first sight! I never regretted them choosing me! My pretty boys!!!!
First up Jinwan! That deep voice reeled me in.....gosh!
Total selca guy....aish but then again not complaining!
Next up is J.One or like I call him Prince Haewon!!! He is so beautiful....I mean if he would have long hair I wouldn't doubt him being a girl....unless he talked ^~^
These are all from their facebook page!!!
Bonus: With his niece and nephew? Maybe??
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woohoo!!! they are so pretty and handsome. I don't blame you for choosing them. they might up end being mine also 馃槣
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Where can I follow them on Facebook?
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@Mightmuffin their official fb heres the link
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my sister and I discovered them last night!!! ahhhhh i love them so far!!
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omg @ARMYStarlight thaaanks!
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