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So for some reason my brain thought of this crazy idea to make a card on how to make Jungkook....Let's look at our ingredients shall we!! This is my own recipe so please enjoy :D

1. First You're Going To Need Some Hats....Preferably either

Make Sure to put that in your bowl

2. Then You're Going To Add Alot Of Colorful Tee-Shirts

3. Don't Forget Your Ripped Jeans

4. The Timberland Boots Are An Important Ingredient As Well

5. Stir That Together With Your Wet Ingredients(Singing Butter, Cute Eggs, Vanilla Extract<1 taespoon>, and SUGA(r)!! You Should End Up With Some Kookie Dough....Try Not To Eat It.. XD

You're Going To Put Your Dough On A Baking Sheet And Then Bake Until You See It Getting Cute!!! DON'T BURN IT..IT WILL BE TOO SEXY!!

And There You Have It!! Make Sure You Have Your Cup Of Tae And Two Of Suga With Your Kookie!!! Let Me Know Your Thoughts On This Recipe XD!! Let Me Know If Anything Should Be Added!

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I did then came out perfectly fashionable lol
Aww! But what if I want my Kookie to be way too sexy? XD
This is adorable 😂☺️
*gets all the ingredients