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Since the last card was so popular I decided to look for some more and all I can say is thank you tumblr!! Just wait until you guys see this!!! Instead of bears there are cats XD

1. Jin

When I saw this all I could think is perfection..I don't need to add anything to this XD

2. Jimin

The cat can do a flip.....looks familar....

3. V


4. J-Hope

This is spot on!!

5. Suga

Do I really have to explain myself here??

6. Jungkook

Stay cute Kookie!!!

7. RapMonster

And last but not least....

Tell Me What You Guys Thought About This....Who Is The Most Accurate To You??

The BTS As Bears card is right here

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Omg I saw Jin and ChimChim and I was like "aawwweee so adorable" THAN... V came and I laughed so hard, BUT WAIT.. THAAANN Hobi came and I literally fell off my bed laughing my butt off... Those two were so accurate.. Lmao.. Those two weirdos..
they are all spot on especially V lol xD
Omg they are all so perfect lol
Awww!!! So perfect and so cute!
this is so accurate especially jmins