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Okay Vingle community, as part of the self improvement vow for the new year, I wanted to take some risk. My kind of risk is make up lol. It's safe, no one gets hurt and it can be a total hit or miss but hey that is what risk are about. The photo above I took of myself about 5 mins ago. I have absolutely nothing on my face. I might actually be ashy because I did was my face with the oil free Neutrogena wash and did not follow up with lotion. So today I took a returnable risk 30.00 risk btw it's called lit . (photo of product below)
So later on I'm actually going to try to put on a full face of makeup and use some of the you tube videos you guys posted. Am I scared? yes... Do I want to do it? Yes. Am I going to show you the tragedy I come up with? Yes. The blue lipstick won't be featured lol. Stay tuned! Yup, still scared. @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @TessStevens @marshalledgar @jordanhamilton @amobigbang @AlloBaber @alywoah @buddyesd @InPlainSight you guys had funny comments lol, you too @InVinsybll And the rest of the Vingle community. Watch the Merc with a Mouth turn into the Merc with a messy face
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@InPlainSight lol okay Naked!
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Woooooo!!! I'm excited :) Good luck @LAVONYORK, can't wait to see the results!!! :D (which I'm sure will be gorgeous, bts)
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***btw lol!!!
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I will say these things. one I'm excited to see. two...girl did you try that before you bought?! I'm just saying that a lot, but who am to say anything I just spent 60 at sephora. but what I do is try a cheaper version of something I'm interested in or I apply it in sephora and ask for samples before I buy.
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I look forward to it, as always!
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